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Name: Ma. Nadine V. Julian
Age: 20
City: Manila
School: University of Santo Tomas

My Style. I can go from street style, classic casual, and fierce formal. My style was influenced by my mom, mostly basics and classics but I play along with the current trends by mixing them up with the closet staples.
Shopping faves. Local boutiques, Human, Celine, Forever 21, Greenhills, and online.
Style icons. Tricia Gosingtian, my mom, and Taylor Swift. I just really love how they all dress and I try to recreate their looks.
Style influence. The fast transition of style with touch of classic and comfortable pieces.
Closet's color palette. Mostly white, black, pink, blue, and earth tones. I have all the colors in the rainbow but I still prefer my favorite colors—pink and the neutrals. They are easy to pair with the other colors, which makes them good investments.
Fave accessory. A statement necklace, because it gives an outfit an instant boost and it livens up basic pieces.
Never be caught wearing. Super short shorts. I don't want to show too much skin and sacrifice comfort.
Trendy return. We can mix up everything now, but I miss the 40s polished curls and the 9's minimalist get-up. I think those two can match well. 
Best bargain buy. An LBD for just P 250 from the pre-teens section of the department store. 
Vintage loving. Yes, and a lot of them are from my mom. From shoes, leather bags, vintage dresses, tops, and belts. Most of them are even older than me, ranging from 20-40 years old and all timeless pieces.

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