Style Files: Andrea Ferma

Get to know this week's it girl on the web and check out her dynamic style by taking a look at her top outfits.

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Name: Andrea Ferma
Age: 17
School: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

My style. It's is very dynamic. It aslso varies, depending on my mood. I can go from wearing something really girly one day to wearing something a bit boyish the next. I really like experimenting with different styles because it makes dressing up a fun challenge.
Shopping faves. I like shopping anywhere, but I usually buy my clothes from Forever 21, Topshop, Cotton On, and bazaars.
Style icon. I really look up to YouTube fashion and beauty gurus Jenn Im, Claire Marshall, and Amanda Steele. I love how they aren't afraid to express themselves through dressing up.
Style influence. My style has been greatly influenced by the outfits of my style icons and of the people around me. I use the outfits of others as outfit pegs or as references for shopping in the future.
Closet's color palette. My closet contains mostly neutral and warm colors because I believe they suit me the best since my skin tone is morena.
Fave accessory. I have been really loving caps lately. I like how they are cute and functional at the same time, and how they can transform a look from simple to edgy.
Trendy comeback. I would absolutely love it if the elegant outfits from the 50s made a comeback! I love how classy the clothes from that era were.
Best bargain buy. I got a Zara knit sweater for only 95 pesos from a company sale in Rustan's once!
Vintage love. My dad gave me a vintage Seiko watch with skinny brown leather bands that he got when he was still young.

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