Plains and Prints: Pre-Fall Collection 2014

Launching their new store in Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Plains and Prints redefines the modern woman with their newest collection.

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For as long as I can remember, Plains & Prints has always catered to the needs of sophisticated and classy Filipina women. Their collections are always full of bright colors and bold patterns. And of course, their pre-fall collection did not deviate from their tradition of providing staple pieces embodying elegance. What makes this new collection different is that it shows off the fun and fearless side of the modern lady. This collection consists of four sets: the Fleur de Lis collection, the California Dreamin' collection, the Uptown Girl collectio,  and the Flights of Fancy collection.

Fleur de Lis brings out the romantic and feminine side of a woman with radiant orchid pink, this year's color. This collection is composed of the outcomes of mixing it up with the lively shades of purple, peach, pink, and fuchsia. The California Dreamin' collection makes use of the vibrant color combination of green and pink–perfect for women going for the natural look and at the same time, looking sleek and professional. Uptown Girl was inspired by, none other than everybody's favorite style icon, Audrey Hepburn featuring flattering silhouettes with chic details in shades of yellows, blues, and oranges. And lastly, Flights of Fancy highlights staple and classic pieces by turning them into something embellished and playful. Click on the gallery to take a look at all the great styles you can add to your closet!





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