Model Off Duty: Erica Yuseco

Want to know this fashionable model's style staple, must-have accessory, and style icon? Read on and get to know Erika when she's not in front of the camera.


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Models are constantly wearing the latest trends, couture gowns, and designer frocks in front of the camera and on the runway. Have you ever wondered what their own personal styles and fashion philosophies are? We're taking a closer look by getting to know the beautiful models that grace the pages of Candy magazine and their take on fashion. First one up is model Erika Yuseco, who you'll see inside the March 2013 issue. We spoke to her and this is what she told us:

Describe your style.
"I'm inspired by the music, films, and cities I love. When it comes to style, I like being sort of a fashion canvas, where all of the things that inspire me are seen through what I wear. Basically, I'd label my sense of style as "urban chic"—sort of edgy, laid-back, and streetwise all at the same time. Think LA and New York fashion and culture with a bit of Manila added to it."

What do you normally wear to and from shoots?
"To and from shoots, I like to keep it simple. Since I'm always changing outfits and I go in and out of hair and makeup, I wear casual and trouble-free clothing. So a good pair of shorts or a skirt, a tank top, and a comfortable pair of heels work for me."

What's your must-have accessory?
"I think my must-have accessory is a bag. Whatever your sense of style is, I think a bag always finishes off any outfit. Also, it's convenient and you can always have fun with by picking from so many different kinds of colors and patterns."

What's one trend you like now? Why? How do you sport it?
"The biggest trend I'm into is anything that sparkles and shines. Whether it be metallic, dazzling studs, and glitter, I love wearing it all from my makeup to my outfit. I really think it makes a statement, and you can wear it to light up the night or to shine during the day."

Who's your model style icon?
"My model style icon would be Kate Moss. During the 1980s she broke the model stereotype of really tall and shapely models. Since I'm rather quite petite next to other models, I admire how she was able to break through that boundary. On top of that, I love her edgy yet retro sense of style, which I really think is great fun.





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