Ask Candy: What's One #OOTD You Totes Regret?

We've had our share of bad outfits. Which one's yours?

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Ever look back at old Facebook photos and want to desperately click the untag button? Because what the heck were you thinking pairing those shoes with that top, or that skirt with that belt?! Believe us, we can relate. We've had our share of bad outfits—or outfits that we regret even stepping out of the house in. But it's okay, no judgment here. 

Marla Miniano, Editor In Chief I used to have a shirt that said "Your Boyfriend Sucks." I don't know why I ever thought bitter = funny. Cringe! —Marla, Editor In Chief
Dyan Zarzuela, Entertainment and Features Editor Do bridesmaid gowns count? Haha! —Dyan, Entertainment and Features Editor
Kaye Robles, Editorial Assistant One Christmas, I wore this sleeveless, brown, smock-like dress. With a hood, no less. I literally looked like I was wearing a sack. —Kaye, Editorial Assistant
Macy Alcaraz, Web Managing Editor I used to wear these ridiculously wide elephant pants with everything. Thank goodness I got over them eventually.  Macy, Web Managing Editor
Erin Torrejon, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant I can't remember one exact outfit but I definitely regret my whole tomboy phase of wearing loose graphic tees + loose, unflattering pants. It basically didn't look good on me. —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant
Ayessa De La Pena, Web Editorial Assistant One outfit you totally regret wearing: When I was younger, there was this phase when I was obsessed with the color combo red + green. My favorite was wearing my bright pink pants with a green top. I thought it looked trendy then. But now that I think about it, I must've looked like a walking "Merry Christmas" signage. Haha. —Ayessa, Web Editorial Assistant

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