Why It's Okay To Be Single

No boyfriend? No problem! Here are five ultimate reasons why being single is awesome.


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  1. You're an independent lady. There's something great about learning to handle things and situations on your own—from the simple things like making a masterpiece-worthy class project to being able to carry yourself well in school production! Being in control without any one limiting you has never been this fun. This also means you’ll have more time to focus on your studies!
  2. More family bonding time. Even if you are with your family almost every day of your life, there are still more things to learn from each other. You can bond with any family member in many ways: learn a new sport with dad, go to the mall with mom and shop for each other, or try that video game your brother has been asking your help with! Growing up does not mean that having fun at home should stop. You'll be surprised with how ready your family is for a board game match!
  3. Keep your best friends close. Every day is a great day for new adventures with your friends! You can go on a road trip, have a cook off challenge, and have meaningful conversations while watching the sunset. Being productive together makes you learn more about your friends and it will help strengthen your barkada’s relationship. Compared to guys who may come and go, your girl friends will have your back through thick and thin, even as you grow older.
  4. Find the "friend" in your guy friend. Guys are great people to hang out with, especially if you don't look for the boyfriend-material in them. Your guy friends will be more than happy to play RockBand with you, go food-hunting, sing at the top of his lungs at a karaoke session with you, and back you up when someone tries to fight you. Think of them as your brothers who will care for you and accept you for who you are—no strings attached.
  5. Love thyself. One has to know how to love oneself before knowing how to love others. Being single lets you focus on learning more about yourself, your interests, and how to reach your full potential. You can start by simply writing down the things you embrace about yourself to remind you of how beautiful you are each day. You can also write a set of goals or dreams and try to go for opportunities out there which will help you reach them.

Why do you think being single is great? Leave a comment below and let's discuss!





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