The P1000 Christmas Shopping Challenge Correspondent Jona went on a shopping spree challenge. Check out her P1000 worth of Christmas stash!
by Jona Fernandez, Correspondent
December 20, 2012 06:00 pm

The Dilemma

Nothing could be merrier than shopping for my gal pals during the holidays but as Christmas draws near, it gets stressful. Trust me, it's not that easy to shop for a huge barkada when you're on a budget. I can also get choosy when it comes to handpicking presents because I always want them to be extra special (well TBH, I've given clichéd gifts before a.k.a. mugs and picture frames). But seriously now, where on earth do you go to nowadays for cute and cool finds without spending too much?

The Challenge

I braved and raided the alleys of Quiapo last week for the cheapest accessories. I was squealing the whole time I was rummaging through the shelves and displays. For a girly girl like me, it was a haven of baubles, bangles, and beads. I wanted to buy the entire shop! Unfortunately I only had a thousand pesos in my purse. Would you believe that I actually ticked everyone off in my list? Check out my fab finds!

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  • papau 1
    Where can I buy that accessories?
    Dec 20 2012 @ 07:35pm
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