5 Things We Loved About The Whisper White Fest

Look back at the Whisper White Fest last October 19, and find out how you can be one of the lucky girls who get to see Daniel Padilla in the flesh.

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  1. Early birds, welcome!
    Have you ever gone to an event too early, and realized that there was nothing to do but wait it out or go some place else? Well, at the Whisper White Fest, early birds are more than welcome. Feel free to ride an electronic bull, jump around on a trampoline, play unstoppable jiggity, update your Facebook, and even buy food at the different booths available. All of which are just for you, while you wait. Talk about royal treatment.
  2. Free stuff!
    Let's admit it guys, everyone loves free stuff. And at the White Fest last October, a number of girls were able to snag awesome prizes like, Whisper goody bags, Starbucks gift certificates, Splash Island and Enchanted Kingdom passes, and even a group accommodation at Villa Escudero! All raffled out, or given as a prize for playing an exciting and fun game onstage. Win-win, right? Whoever said you can't have your cake and eat it too?
  3. A chance to be that girl.
    Did you happen to catch the new Whisper commercial, where Daniel Padilla chooses the girl who's confident and stands out in the crowd? Well, the Whisper team gave that exact chance to not one, but 10 lucky girls from the schools around the area. Another plus? He didn't just sing to them, he also gave one of them a bear with matching balloons too! Dream come true, anyone?
  4. License to swoon.
    Didn't get to be part of the 10 girls Daniel sang to onstage? Don't sulk! You still have license to swoon while he sings "Prinsesa" and "Hinahanap-hanap Kita" to the entire crowd. Bonus? When he gets asked who his first love was onstage, Daniel jokingly answers, "siya daw" while pointing to a girl in the crowd holding a fan sign. How's that for consolation?
  5. Be unstoppable.
    Didn't get to catch the White Fest last October but wanted to? Well, we come bearing good news! You can still be that unstoppable girl who doesn't miss out. Just visit Whisper Girl Movement regularly for future announcements on the next Whisper White Fest.




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