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From Our Readers: There Are So Many Things to Miss About Being a Kid
Sometimes, happy memories can make you sad.
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I miss those times when the most fulfilling thing was to escape from our house at 12 noon. I didn't care about how the sun could literally fry my skin because all I ever wanted to do was to play with my cousins. We would gather in our "headquarters" and wait for each other. Once we're finally complete, we'd be continuing our mission as spies and agents with all the lids of the cans that have been removed and medals that we even referred to as agimat.

I miss those times when the most nerve-wracking thing for me was to ask for a permission to bathe in the rain. I remember how I would run to my cousins' house to ask them to come with me and have fun in the rain. I would never forget how we've persuaded one of our cousins to join us in the rain, telling his parents that my mother gave him permission to do so.

I miss those times when we didn't care about eating things we didn't know from weird places.

We'd be getting papers from our notebooks and sticks from our tita's broomstick. She would get mad at us the next day because we've wasted more than half of it. I still remember how we've discovered that we could have popcorn using our lolo's palay. Every now and then, we would be stealing his palay and I just don't know if he already knew about it to this day.

I miss those times when the most challenging things for us were to walk in the rice field without getting soaked in the mud, to totally lie in the rice field whenever we play hide and seek, to play volleyball with no rallies at all in the middle of the rice field, and to play habul-habulan. I remember how loud the yells of our parents were whenever they would call us to go home already. I don't remember how many times they've yelled our names before we finally give in and go home. I miss those times when we fought with the kids from the other side of the road, threatening them not to pass by the road near our house because we had big does.

Those were the good ol' days. Today, I see those kids carrying their babies.

I miss those times when High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Camp Rock taught us how to sing way better than Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, and how to dance so much better than the Pussycat Dolls. Give us a song from those shows and we'd be singing and dancing with our eyes closed.


I miss those times when playing with each other and being together means the world to us. Right now, there are just so many things to miss. Sometimes. Most often, whenever we hang out, I can't help but look back at our most memorable times together and as much as I want to laugh, a portion of my heart feels sad because we've grown a lot now.

Most often, whenever we hang out, I can't help but look back at our most memorable times together and as much as I want to laugh, a portion of my heart feels sad because we've grown a lot now.

There are so many things to miss about being a kid. And these things were some of those I truly miss. In my life where things get complicated as years pass by, I can't help but tell time to please take its time.

I don't know why but for me, growing up has become synonymous to walking away, going away, drifting apart. Walking away from the innocent, sun-kissed girl I used to be. Going away from my parents embraces because I should learn how to protect myself already. Drifting apart from the people who used to be just like me because they now have their own adventures in life. And whenever we find a time to get back together, things aren't just the same as before because we all know now that life is not as simple as how it was when we were still young.

I was so excited about growing up when I was younger but right now, I just want time to slow down.













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