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Two Things I Love: Crafting & Eating

by macy
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
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If I could only do two things in my life forever, it would probably be eating and making something with my hands. And as luck would have it, one of our fave restaurants was holding a DIY temporary tattoo workshop plus new menu tasting. It was already a great afternoon in the making!

So this afternoon, Marla, Dyan, and I headed to Pino Jupiter to get our craft and eating on!

201407-tattoo 201407-pino-bagnet-roll

We designed our own temporary tattoos while feasting on new treats from Pino. We absolutely loved this crazy good Bagnet Spring Roll. Other stuff to try from the new menu: Quinoa Salad with Berries (Quinoa with organic greens, dried berries, grapes, and tofu ricotta), Calamares Negra (Breaded squid rings coated with squid ink, served with crab fat lemon-aioli), and Kale Chips. There’s tons more to try so better head to PINO soon.


Don’t forget to end with a pastillas macaron! Om nom nom!



Steph’s Mid Year Resolutions

by stephie
Thursday, June 26th, 2014
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I’ve been neglecting my new year’s resolutions so I decided to make new ones.  After all, it’s never too late to make a change, right?  :x


1. Read more books. I have to admit I’m still on a TFIOS hangover. I’ve re-read the book since I watched the movie and I’m looking for new things to read. Next on my list are Anna and the French Kiss and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.




2. Take better care of my skin. I’ve always been a skincare junkie and *gulp* I really had to save up for this set. I’ve been using it for a new weeks now and people have commented that my skin does look more glowing. I guess sometimes it pays to splurge on certain things like skincare and scrimp on makeup and clothes.


3. Eat more healthy food. I recently tried Roots Market Bistro with Koko and Patty and we had such a nice time hanging and pigging out. Lol! This vegetarian Aglio Olio was super healthy, but I love the fact that they didn’t scrimp on any ingredients.

Here’s hoping I get to fulfill my mid-year resolutions! :)


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Sometimes when I log on to the Candy blog page, my mind draws a blank. What do I write about? And in true blog fashion, I always turn to memes or lists that have done their rounds on the webosphere. Here’s hoping it interests you and inspires you to post the same on your blog! Don’t forget to leave a comment with your blog link so I can read your list, too. (:


Reading: After finishing Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (was so curious about it after seeing the trailer for the movie, plus Marla’s recommendation), I remembered a book I had lying around forever ago. It’s nice to read a physical book after so long. I’ve been reading everything on iBooks (it’s so handy and light, hehe), but nothing beats the smell and feel of paper. My current read is Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep—another Marley-recommended read—which is an old coming-of-age novel, but I still think very much applies to the youth of today.

Doing: Been trying to spend more time with my favorite little person in the world and I took the day off yesterday to visit her. We played the whole afternoon and I was so happy to watch her walk around and giggle to herself every time I showed her a photo I had taken of her. Can’t believe she’s already one and walking!

Working on: Can’t say what it is yet exactly, but it involves a lot of nail polish. Haha! I love to bits, but it’s also quite fun to work on stuff outside of it. Plus, I get to work with two of my good friends on it so I’m doubly excited!

Watching: I’m a huge Lee Pace fan (anyone miss Pushing Daisies?), so when I saw that he had a new show on AMC (the same network that produces Mad Men—Steph, Sam, and I are big fans!), I knew I had to check it out! Halt and Catch Fire is set in the ’80s back when the personal computer was about to be big. It gets pretty intense, but I love it so far.

Loving: That two of my favorite musicians have new albums out! Ed Sheeran’s X is out and I’ve been listening to it on Spotify. My current fave is “Thinking Out Loud,” but that could very well change in the next few days. Jason Mraz’s YES! isn’t coming out till next month, but he’s been releasing a few songs plus this awesome short film that features 3 tracks from the album. How can you not love Mr. A-Z? I hope he swings by Manila when he tours this record.

What about you? What are you currently reading/doing/working on/watching/loving? Would love to read your lists, too!


10 Thoughts While Watching Revenge

by marla
Monday, June 23rd, 2014
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Last week, I woke up at five am to write a story for a collaborative project I’m working on with some friends. (Details soon!) Instead, I turned on the TV and caught episode seven of Revenge season three. I stopped watching this show regularly in the first season, so obviously I didn’t understand anything that was happening. Which doesn’t mean I can’t share with you exactly what I was thinking, in chronological order:

emily-van-camp-revenge-promo-pics -06
photo: ABC

1. Nolan still wears colored pants? After all this time? Really?
2. Wait, what? Getting married?!
3. Who’s this guy in the shower again? Actually, I don’t really care, let me just look at him and… HE DOESN’T NEED A TOWEL, VICTORIA, GO AWAY! UGH WHY MUST YOU RUIN EVERYTHING.
4. I want to befriend this girl because she can bake me a cake. Although…
5. Daniel’s ex has major crazy eyes, but also a cute apron and a photoshoot ponytail. She’s cool. And I’m a terrible judge of character.
6. “This itinerary is too aggressive.” #sh!tvictoriasays #push
7. Pshaw. Publicists don’t wear prints that big and colors that bright. Everyone knows that.
8. Come on, Jack, give us one tear. For dead Amanda’s sake. Half a tear? No?
9. Of course the fireworks make everyone suddenly feel like making out. How novel.
10. Is everyone a cheater on this show? Everyone’s a cheater on this show! I don’t trust you people.

I wish I can tell you that after the closing credits I finally got some writing done—but no. I had a chocolate truffle for breakfast and read Gillian Flynn. I need your focus, Emily. Help?


Ayessa’s Happy List

by ayessa
Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
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Hi, Candy Girls!

How’s your month so far? Bet you’re all busy with classes already. Everyone’s pretty busy here at the Candy HQ, too. It’s cuties season once again and although our hands are full, a cute guy’s smile can always make things better. Mehehe. ;)

Aside from cute guys, I’m feeling #blessed because of a lot of things. I figured that when I’m feeling a bit down (blame it on the weather, coz rainy season’s officially here), coming up with a happy list always helps. Here are five more things making me smiley miley this month:

1. Books. A few weeks back, Marla gave me books to read and write about. I wish I can say that I’ve finished at least 2 of what she gave me, but I’m not even halfway one of them. Hahaha! I’m still trying to finish Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children—which is creepy and exciting, BTW. Boo! Care to help me out on this, girls? What do you think of these books and what should I read next?

Ayessa's Books

These books are available at National Bookstore. Yay!

2. Good music. Spotify is the best music app I’ve ever used! It’s super easy to make playlists and follow all of my fave artists. What have you been listening to lately? And, are you following Candy on Spotify? We’ve put together a few cool playlists for you!

3. The Fault In Our Stars. Not really. Just Ansel Elgort actually. I may have gone a little too far, begging Ansel to follow me on Twitter via the hashtag #tfiostix, but no shame. If there’s one thing I learned about being a Candy Girl, it’s that I should put myself out there… so Ansel I’m out there! Come and get me! Bahahaha! :x

How can you resist this fez?!

4. Voting for my faves at the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards 2014. I thought I’m done with voting after the Candy Readers’ Choice Awards, but no. Being a profesh fangirl is serious biz. Hehe. Have you voted for your fave celebs yet? Make sure you do it now because you can only vote for them until July 12!

5. The Candy Team. Of course. Work doesn’t feel like work at all when I’m surrounded by the most positive and most energetic group of people. We just finished planning during our Candy Holiday last week, and we’re all excited to bring you a lot of wonderful things next year! Yayayay!


Can you tell I had a great time in this photo? LOL!

Here’s hoping you’re all having a wonderful month so far! What’s on your happy list, Candy Girls? Tell me!


GIF via Tumblr

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Mid-Week Essentials

by: marla, 2014-07-30

It's a Wednesday that feels like a Monday, and on one hand I can think, "Yay! It's almost the weekend!" but on the other hand it's... well, a Wednesday that feels like a Monday....



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