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A few years ago, on a road trip to the beach, a friend made me listen to the off-Broadway recording of The Last Five Years. After that, I was obsessed! Written by Jason Robert Brown (who also did 13), it tells the story of a young couple, Cathy and Jamie. The unique thing about it? They each tell their story from opposite ends of the spectrum: Jamie from the beginning and Cathy from the end. They meet somewhere in the middle during the wedding.

So imagine my excitement when news broke out that Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) was doing the movie with Jeremy Jordan (Smash). Thanks to Twitter and Instagram, we’ve been getting sneak peeks of the movie that’s set to be released next year.

Haven’t seen any videos of either character singing songs from the musical, but here’s one of Lea Salonga rehearsing “Still Hurting.”

What about you? What movie are you super excited to see?


I’ll be the first to admit how much of a slave I am to the Internet. Friends tease me that I can find a WiFi connection anywhere, sometimes even in the middle of nowhere. There’s this constant need to stay connected and to know everything. I’d like to think it comes with the job, being the managing editor of a website, but I’ve slowly been trying to detach myself. That is until the wonderful world of Instagram stalking, or what we like to call instalking.


You know how you’re just browsing your Instagram feed and then clicking on random people liking or commenting on a certain photo and two hours later, you’ve browsed till the very first photo of someone you don’t even know. Haha!


Lately, Erin and I have been instalking local celebrities’ Instagram accounts masked as research for stories we do online (how else do you think we came up with this how-to and this poll?).


We think it’s awesome to see what goes on behind the scenes right before they step onstage or go on air. And you guys are pretty lucky, because back when we were in high school, seeing celebrities in their unguarded moments (like sharing a laugh with friends, goofing off with their siblings, or flashing a wacky face) was quite rare. You discover that they do the same everyday, ordinary things that you do. And doesn’t that make you admire them even more?


Who do you guys stalk on Instagram? Don’t forget to stalk, erm, follow us @candymagdotcom!


What We Do: YouTube Surf

by macy
Wednesday, March 20th, 2013
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When I get asked what I do for a living, I usually say they pay me to surf. That’s half-kidding and half-truth. When I’m not writing, editing, or uploading stories, I’m usually online surfing for story ideas or for interesting stuff to feature on the website. Then there is that blackhole that is YouTube. I surf different channels for entertainment news or tutorials. But sometimes, I get sidetracked and end up clicking related videos until I find a gem like this video:

I love Ed Sheeran (and not just because he write songs for One Direction, heh) and was pleasantly surprised at this cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.” I also really liked the version they did on Pitch Perfect. Aca-awesome! It’s one of those songs that reminds me of high school (oh no, I’m old. Hahaha!).

What YouTube discoveries have you had lately? Share them with me in the comments below so I can point my browser that way!


What We Do To Get Things Right: Practice

by macy
Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
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Over the weekend, I got my watercolor out and made this print with lyrics from John Mayer’s song “Daughters.” I didn’t really plan on what it would look like, but I did go through two sheets before finally settling on this one. After attending different crafternoons to learn new skills, I realize that you can’t magically be an expert at things unless you practice.


So I took out the last block of rubber eraser from my rubber-cut stamp kit and sketched a pattern based on a gift I got last Christmas. I carefully cut the pattern with an X-acto knife on my new pretty in pink cutting mat (got it in Saizen for just P88!) and slowly carved away until I managed to make this:


I haven’t gotten myself ink pads so I just paint on the stamps with watercolor. I figure I could use this to make gift wrapping paper or cards. I like the color on the one on the upper right best. (: What do you think?


I haven’t had time to practice calligraphy, but I sat down with one of my random notebooks the other night and just wrote random lyrics. This one’s from a song by Psapp used on Grey’s Anatomy. Far from perfect but I’ll keep practicing till I’m better!

What about you? Do you find that doing things over and over again help you become better at them? How do you improve your skills?


What We Made: Rubbercut Stamps

by macy
Sunday, February 17th, 2013
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I’m always excited about making things with my hands. From cookies to friendship bracelets to nail art, I’ve always been drawn to crafty things.

Last year, I joined a watercolor crafternoon with Life After Breakfast‘s Alessa Lanot. It was tons of fun so I was looking forward to joining another one. Luckily, last weekend, Alessa together with Hey Kessy‘s Mansy Abesamis had a rubbercut crafternoon at Fully Booked. Was so thrilled when Alessa signed me up (I kept forgetting to do it myself, haha!).


We each got a kit that included carving tools, rubber blocks, and paper.


We drew our designs on tracing paper so we could transfer it easily onto our rubber blocks.


Of course I had to make a cupcake. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to carve out those swirls for the frosting! Here was my first cut—I could barely breathe while carving!


I managed to finish it just in time.


And lookie! I also made one of my “brand” to put on my baked goodies. What do you think? I love that it looks a little rough and imperfect.


Here are two of my seatmates getting tips from Alessa.


And here’s my other seatmate who won with her awesome 3-layer friendship bracelet stamp. She’s the bracelet master behind Berry Books’ The Friendship Bracelet Book (do you have a copy?).


I had so much fun that I tried making another stamp while waiting for the coding window the other day. One of my favorite furry fashionistas (okay, my only favorite furry fashionista) in V-Day mode. So excited to make more!

What about you? What have you tried making lately? (: If you’re interested in joining crafternoons too, sign up here!


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