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Hi, Harry Styles, Can We Talk?

by ayessa
Thursday, February 26th, 2015
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It is no secret (here at the Candy HQ, at least) that I am crazy about One Direction cutie, Harry Styles. ICYDK who he is—and I’m really hoping that’s not the case because if it were, we need to talk—he’s the guy Taylor Swift could be singing about in “Style” or in most of the songs in her 1989 album.

As we draw nearer to their first time here in Manila on March 21 and 22, my feelings are getting all out of control. I know you totally get how I feel, Candy Girls. I even told Macy that I might really cry once I see them because asdfghjkl! #NoShame So when news came out recently that One Direction is already in Japan, just the thought of being in the same continent as dear Harry is making me giddy and smile uncontrollably.

Yay Harry Styles


But my feelings~~~ aren’t the only things I want to talk about with Harry (okay, partly they are, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hahaha!). It’s because I really have strong feelings towards his concert #OOTD in Japan. OMG, GUYS, MY BABY IS WEARING SOMETHING SHEER. :x Oh be still, my heart. *covers mouth to stop screaming for the thousandth time*

harry styles japan ootd


Hey, Harry, we need to talk. Can you wear something similar to that here in Manila, too? Or better yet, don’t wear any top at all! :D This is a tropical country and it can get really, really, really warm. You know, I’m just really concerned about your health and all. And while you’re at it, allow your man bun to grace us with its presence, too, so your hair won’t be dripping with sweat during your two-night concert here. Ahhh, pretty please? Yes? Yes.

Love you loads, BB—messy hair, exposed chest, and all. Luh ya, 5ever and ever.



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My (Not So) Grown Up Christmas List

by ayessa
Thursday, December 18th, 2014
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Hi, Candy Girls!

Hope you’re all doing great and are enjoying your time with your loved ones this season.

Here’s a question: Are you done Christmas shopping yet—whether for presents for your family and friends or for yourself? If you are, then congratulations. I haven’t even started yet! I’ve just started listing down a few gifts to buy, but never really got around to buying them. Here’s hoping I can do that this weekend and actually finish the task. For now, listing them down will do.

And speaking of lists, I’m allowing you to see the top 3 things on my wish list this year. I’ve always believed that at the end of the year, you should also #treatyoself because you’ve been doing your best to be better at anything and everything for the past 12 months. Here are the little things I’ve been wishing for this year:

Ansolo’s music. I have a feeling you all know how cray I am about Ansel Elgort. LOL! I admit, I’m not really into EDM until I learned that he’s a DJ and music producer. Hehe. He goes by the name Ansolo, ICYDK. Ansel recently released “Strong” and I really think you should listen to it, especially this season to keep your energy high. His music may be on Spotify and SoundCloud, but I hope they’re releasing these tracks on CD too. There’s nothing like using a CD player and staring at printed photos of Ansel all day, every day while listening to his mixes.

Chocolates. Who doesn’t want to receive chocolates for Christmas? If you’re looking for something to give your loved ones, why don’t you head over to The Truffle Tree on Facebook and check out their mouth-watering treats. I received a box from a friend, and I’ve been thinking about it for daaays. Your family and friends will surely love receiving a box or two, too, I’m sure.

truffle tree

One Direction merchandise. #1DWorldManila is opening on the 20th and I can barely wait. While I really want to get this Harry Styles signed poster, I’ll also be very happy if I get to buy anything with Harry’s face in it if they run out of Harry posers to sell. #HarryStylesMakesMeSmile

harry styles

What are the things on your wish lists, Candy Girls? Let me know in the comments. Have a happy Christmas! :x


Happy Halloween, Candy Girls!

by ayessa
Friday, October 31st, 2014
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We hope you’re all having a blast today because it’s that time of the year again when you can scare people, have so much fun, and dress up like your favorite characters or icons—Halloween! But please, please remember to be kind and gentle still especially to kids. They’re not big enough to handle anything too scary, like The Exorcist level scary. Also, be generous in giving people treats and candies (especially if it’s Candy‘s November issue with Bella Thorne on the cover, which is out in bookstores nationwide now!) because it’s a time for sharing, too.

Need more tips to survive and have fun today? Here’s a treat: Our beloved spooky characters from Hotel Transylvania 2 are here to give you a few reminders.

Happy Halloween, girls!


Hotel Transylvania is set for release in September 2015.


Ayessa’s Happy List

by ayessa
Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
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Hi, Candy Girls!

How’s your month so far? Bet you’re all busy with classes already. Everyone’s pretty busy here at the Candy HQ, too. It’s cuties season once again and although our hands are full, a cute guy’s smile can always make things better. Mehehe. ;)

Aside from cute guys, I’m feeling #blessed because of a lot of things. I figured that when I’m feeling a bit down (blame it on the weather, coz rainy season’s officially here), coming up with a happy list always helps. Here are five more things making me smiley miley this month:

1. Books. A few weeks back, Marla gave me books to read and write about. I wish I can say that I’ve finished at least 2 of what she gave me, but I’m not even halfway one of them. Hahaha! I’m still trying to finish Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children—which is creepy and exciting, BTW. Boo! Care to help me out on this, girls? What do you think of these books and what should I read next?

Ayessa's Books

These books are available at National Bookstore. Yay!

2. Good music. Spotify is the best music app I’ve ever used! It’s super easy to make playlists and follow all of my fave artists. What have you been listening to lately? And, are you following Candy on Spotify? We’ve put together a few cool playlists for you!

3. The Fault In Our Stars. Not really. Just Ansel Elgort actually. I may have gone a little too far, begging Ansel to follow me on Twitter via the hashtag #tfiostix, but no shame. If there’s one thing I learned about being a Candy Girl, it’s that I should put myself out there… so Ansel I’m out there! Come and get me! Bahahaha! :x

How can you resist this fez?!

4. Voting for my faves at the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards 2014. I thought I’m done with voting after the Candy Readers’ Choice Awards, but no. Being a profesh fangirl is serious biz. Hehe. Have you voted for your fave celebs yet? Make sure you do it now because you can only vote for them until July 12!

5. The Candy Team. Of course. Work doesn’t feel like work at all when I’m surrounded by the most positive and most energetic group of people. We just finished planning during our Candy Holiday last week, and we’re all excited to bring you a lot of wonderful things next year! Yayayay!


Can you tell I had a great time in this photo? LOL!

Here’s hoping you’re all having a wonderful month so far! What’s on your happy list, Candy Girls? Tell me!


GIF via Tumblr

What’s On Your Playlist?

by ayessa
Friday, February 7th, 2014
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I have synced more than a hundred songs in my iPod already ever since 2014 began. And unlike before, I am actually listening to them! Major improvement! ;)

Here are some of the songs I’ve been over-playing these days:

“The Moon Song” from Spike Jonze’s brilliant film Her is both sad and lovely. Written by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman Karen O, it is nominated for an Oscar this year for Best Original Song.

Birdy’s latest album Fire Within is a gem, and a good follow up to her self-titled first album too. “Wings” is just one of my many favorites from this album.

And, of course, because I am so excited about The Fault In Our Stars, OneRepublic’s “What You Wanted” is on repeat every day! Hehe.

What’s on your playlist, Candy Girls? Let me know in the comments so I can stuff my iPod with them too! :)


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