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Natural and Undone

by ning nuñez
Monday, March 2nd, 2015
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I love makeup, but what I love more than makeup is skin that doesn’t need much makeup. Yes, that means dewy skin and microscopic pores. The days of heavy foundation and really penciled-in brows have finally gone and passed. NYFW makeup artists are taking the lead by just dabbing on some concealer and highlighter on the models’ faces, then suddenly, they’re just good to go. Of course, for any beauty look to work, having great skin is key. Healthy skin is important, but a little bit of makeup wouldn’t hurt as well.

Backstage at the Carolina Herrera Fall 2015 show. A model gets prepped up with a moisturizing sheet mask from SK-II.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.52.10 PM jason-wu-fall-2015-backstage1
Natural looks dominate the Christopher Kane Fall 2015 (left) and the Jason Wu Fall 2015 (right) shows. Seems like this look is here to stay!

In addition to a stellar skincare regimen, get a load of this minimalist trend with a tinted moisturizer, a lip and cheek tint, and a clear brow gel. Don’t forget to keep your hair and your outfit polished as well!

Are you guys willing to go all in for looking au naturel?


Is It Summer Yet?

by marla
Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
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I’ve never been a summer kind of girl. For so long, I disliked the beach, hated the hot weather, dreaded the months of April and May the most, and would choose sweaters over sundresses any time. But in the last few years, I met a bunch of people who are huge beach lovers, became really really good friends with them, and eventually realized that summer and I are actually pretty okay. Things are different now: it’s only the middle of February and I’ve already been to the beach three times this year, booked a huge out-of-the-country trip to the ocean, purchased two adorable pairs of bikinis I can’t wait to wear, and sifted through my closet and makeup kit for stuff I would definitely be able to use when the warmer days roll in. I’m actually excited, and the feeling, though unfamiliar, is definitely welcome.

928921_395504627284479_123543149_n 10948658_401154310043757_823438684_n

This longing for summer was only exacerbated by a trip to Balesin two weeks ago, when Nivea invited Erin and me to the island paradise for their #NiveaComeCloser getaway. We only stayed for three days but managed to make years’ worth of memories—it was an amazing mini-holiday filled to the brim with new friends, delicious food, clear blue waters, pristine sand, gorgeous villages, and great beauty loot. Here are my favorites among the products we got to try on the island, along with some of my classics and stand-bys for this coming summer:

blog beauty

Clockwise: (1) Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner, which conveniently moisturizes while you bathe; (2) Nivea Fruity Shine in watermelon, a soft-sheen lip balm that smells and tastes amazing; (3) MAC Toledo in Sin, which is admittedly not a very summery shade but is the perfect goth girl plum I’ve been looking for my whole life and never ever ever want to part from #together4ever; (4) L’Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier, a light cherry blossom scent I can’t wait to wear on a weekend lunch date; (5) NARS Porto Venere eye cream, a super flattering beige that instantly brightens my lids and even works as an undereye concealer; (6) Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Protection Face Cream, which is neither sticky nor greasy and packed with all that SPF goodness we need; and (7) Happy Skin Eye Love View, which is the only eyebrow pencil I can deal with on days when I just can’t be bothered with #kilayproblems.

What’s going into your summer beauty kit? I’d love to know!


No Time to Retouch? No Problem.

by ayessa
Monday, January 26th, 2015
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Last week, Erin, Ning, and I went to a press launch hosted by Maybelline New York. I was super excited, TBH, because aside from this being my first beauty event (heehee), I was also looking forward to seeing their new product—a foundation that promises 12 hours of super fresh and matte look that needs no retouching. No retouching, girls! That means no running to the restroom to take all the oil off your face or dabbing oil control film against your skin whenever you feel oilyyy. Woot!

We were introduced to the White Super Fresh, a foundation that promises “zero cakeyness, zero dullness, and zero meltdowns.” It’s the perfect companion if you want to look your best the entire time you’re out (perfect this prom season, right?), but don’t have time to keep on retouching your makeup (which you do four to five times in a day!).

During the event, the peeps from Maybelline made us spritz water on two types of foundation: the ordinary one and the White Super Fresh. The normal one, once wet, looked darker and appeared cakey. You won’t definitely want that on your face. White Super Fresh, on the other hand, looked… well… the same, as if water didn’t do anything to it. Neat absorbing powers, really. We can’t wait to try this one ASAP and maintain the fresh look for 12 hours. ;)

Which product are you looking forward to try this year? Let me know in the comments!




Maybelline’s White Super Fresh will be available in all Maybelline counters nationwide starting February 28. You can have them by then for Php299 only.

Look Who’s Talking

by ayessa
Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
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…about makeup, that is!

If you talked to me about makeup a few months back, I’d probably freak out and excuse myself or pretend I’m doing something to save the world so I can skip the topic. Nowadays, it’s a different story. I think I’ve been bugging the Candy eds about makeup more than I should because learning about it has made me really, really happy these past few days.

It all started when I asked fashion and beauty girl Erin to help me do my makeup for an event. She taught me how to do it for the next few days, patiently checked on what I’ve done (and whether I’m still alive after attempting to put on makeup, LOL), and added a few magical touches when I’ve made a mess of my already messy fez, haha. Macy, Marla, and Stephie joined in on my little adventure, too. They send me makeup tutorials and articles, answer all of my questions, and even give me a few pretty things to start my makeup kit with. Thank you, girls! Heehee.

Pretty Things

What I’ve been using so far (nuuuks!): Urban Decay’s Naked Basics (fine, I only use 3 colors  as of now, hehe), The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream, The Face Shop’s eyelash curler, K-Palette’s 1-Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline’s  The Rocket Volum Express Mascara, Tony Moly’s Petite Bunny Gloss, The Body Shop’s Eye Definer, Pixy’s Blush On (which I’m still learning how to use, hihi), Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie, and Chic’s Shadow Nail Polish from the Kathryn Bernardo collection.

My goal for this month (yes, that’s how serious I am because I have goals, hehe) was to do the perfect cat eye. After trying and trying to do it for a week, I can now do a messy version—but you can’t really tell, unless you make me close my eyes and look at them really closely. Hehe. My next goal? Kardashian-level contouring. Hahaha! :D

The most important thing I learned from this? That we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. We’ll surely make mistakes the first time, the second time, and even the third time. But that’s how we learn, right? Besides, we always have our family and friends to tell us how to do it better next time. So if you’re scared to try something new, do it today! You’ll never really know, unless you try.

What new things have you tried doing recently? Tell me in the comments!



P.S. Want to learn how to do your own makeup, too? We have very helpful tutorials over here;)

An Open Letter to My Hair

by marla
Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
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Dear Hair,

I know our relationship hasn’t been perfect. Most days we’re pretty okay friends, but NGL, sometimes I hate you so much I’m just tempted to get rid of you altogether. Not entirely your fault though—I’ve inflicted so much damage on you and made so many bad decisions at your expense over the years, and I’d like to apologize. I’m sorry about that time I cut most of you off for a stiff chin-length bob that made me look like Dora the Explorer, except not as cute. I’m sorry about that time I dyed you the wrong shade of red, which turned orange after a couple of weeks. I’m sorry about all the times I’ve subjected you to the harsh sun, or soaked you in chlorine or saltwater for hours. I’m getting better at taking care of you: I’ve learned to condition every day, do a once-a-week at-home treatment, get a trim regularly, and only go to colorists I trust.

Last week you and I went on a date to Color My Hair Technical Salon. I showed them a peg of Lily Aldridge’s lovely ombre (my dream for you since foreverrr), and they went to work right away. I loved how they knew who Lily Aldridge (and even Gemma Styles!) was—no blank looks that made me feel embarrassed. They promised they’d treat you right—and they did.

photo from

At the end of the session, you were the perfect ombre with subtle highlights, blended carefully and seamlessly. You didn’t feel dry or damaged, and it didn’t look like I’d be crying over your state in a few days. They even blow-dried you into soft waves and gave me instructions on how to make sure your new color stays put. Since then we’ve been so happy together; except for the occasional maintenance trim, I can’t imagine anything I’d like to change about you at the moment.


You and I are definitely more than “pretty okay” now. :-)


Color My Hair Technical Salon is located at the 5th floor of The Atrium, SM Megamall. For inquiries, please call them at 637-0717 or 0916-6099587. You may also email them at [email protected], like their Facebook page Color My Hair, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @cmhmanila. Bonus: Owner Ari Hortaleza is super fun to talk to about hair trends, makeup, and One Direction!

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