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Sister, Sister, Sister

by kaye
Tuesday, February 17th, 2015
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They say home is where the heart is and these days I find it to be especially true. I’ve always liked spending my weekends at home alone, reading, or catching up on lost sleep, but I almost never get to spend any time with my family during the week so it’s been a blessed relief to get to hang out with my sisters (AKA the only people I ever feel truly myself with), even if it’s doing something as mundane as sitting around the kitchen, eating while exchanging stories about the funny people in our lives, or laughing at some ridiculous thing on the internet. It’s been difficult to find things to laugh about as of late, so we take every opportunity we can, I think.

A few weeks ago, my youngest sister Trina went to her prom and my other sister Ela and I were very excited for her, as older sisters usually are. While Ela and I are usually indifferent to things like teenage rites of passage (because we’re introverted and curmudgeonly and basically 60-year-old biddies in 20-year old bodies), mostly we were excited for the opportunity to haul out our old prom dresses and take goofy pictures.


Please don’t laugh at my prom dress; 2006 was a very dark time for my sense of style. :|

Valentines Day has come and gone and while it’s okay to celebrate with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or bemoan the fact that you have none), I hope you also know that platonic or familial love isn’t any less important than the romantic kind. Give your family a big hug for me, Candy Girls! :)

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Pinterest Positivity

by erin
Thursday, November 14th, 2013
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It’s extra hard not to get sad, discouraged, and even negative during times like these, especially with constant bad news circulating. Even after helping out with relief operations and giving back with donations, it’s definitely still normal to feel helpless and even down right depressed at the end of the day.

Since I know exactly where you’re coming from and what you could be feeling, I’m going to share with you my little secret (which actually isn’t much of a secret) to cheering myself up on those bad days or downward slumps—it all lies in my favorite Pinterest board filled with words of encouragement a.k.a. my Wise Words board. Every time I take a break or have nothing to do, I make it a point to scroll through Pinterest to find photos with text or typography with encouraging quotes and inspiring messages because it really does wonders! So, when I’m feeling pretty bad, I just visit my own board filled with tons of positivity and at least for an hour or a day, my spirits actually get lifted! This is mainly because words, the right ones, can really go a loooong way. That’s how this board of mine works, it uses the right words to spread a dose of hope and positivity, not only for me but hopefully for anyone else that comes across it.

Whether you’re feeling down or looking for a glimmer of hope, why don’t you check it out? I promise it won’t hurt and you won’t waste your time! It might even get you to start your own board filled with sunshine and positivity. Here’s a few examples and some of my favorites:

De-stressed Tresses

by erin
Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
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Every time my hair gets frizzy, I would always think that it’s my hair’s way of saying it’s stressed—probably because of the weather or because I’m not giving it enough TLC. Either way, frizz is something I definitely don’t like and it’s literally a daily battle of finding out how to get rid of it so that I can look somehow presentable. Which is why I was all giddy and excited to find out that I would get to try L’Oreal Professionnel’s Steam Care service which is basically a Keratin Steam Care treatment using their latest Steampod technology.

Wondering what this means and what it does? Basically, the treatment gives an anti-frizz smoothing effect that can last up to 3 days if used for normal to slightly sensitive hair. When used continuously , it will result to long-lasting hair reconstruction and deep nourishment.

Here’s the process of my treatment:

photo 2
After drying my hair, the stylist first sectioned my hair. She then sprayed the X-Tenso Moisturist  treatment to the sections and strands.

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset
Using this steampod straightener, the stylist was able to let the treatment sink into the strands without damaging my hair. It was pretty quick too!

photo 3

Here’s how my hair looked as it was being straightened.

photo 4

Afterwards, they evenly applied this mask all over my hair for protection and for added shine and smoothness.

photo 5

This was the finished result. My hair become a lot straighter, smoother, and felt lighter!

The verdict?

It’s been a full week since I had this treatment and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty happy with it—my hair is not as straight but noticeably smoother and frizz-free! Find out more about this treatment by checking out

Soul Surfing

by erin
Thursday, October 17th, 2013
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I’ve always been a beach baby. I know most people say that but I honestly, really mean it when I say that I can pretty much live at the beach.  This basically means that I try to plan a getaway to anywhere with sand, sea, and sun as much as I can. Which is why once I heard that there was going to be a Music Festival at the beach, I couldn’t pass up on the chance to go because it brings together two things I love—the ocean and music.

Wondering what this magical event is? Well it’s actually the 8th La Union Surf Break Weekend presents Soul Surf. I’m sure you’re thinking, what’s so special about this festival? Well to break it down for you, this whole weekend event will have everything you’ll need for the perfect trip—surfing, a surfing competition, international dj’s (RAC, Panic City, Classixx), local music acts (The Bloomfields, Franco, Salamin, Nix Damp P and more), some art, yoga, yummy food trucks, good company, the beach, amazing views, and I can go on and on. Plus, this all happens on a long weekend, how great is that right?

SoulSurf a3 Print Poster-150dpi-1

Still thinking if you should join in on the fun? Well, aside from definitely deserving a break, this festival is a great reason to hang out with your friends and have the best time ever. Check out the video below to see what you could be enjoying:


Don’t want to miss out on all this? Check out and for more details! Hurry and book now because this all happens next week!


Can you tell how excited I am??? Hope to see you all there!

When it comes to trying out something for the first time, I’m almost always excited, happy, anxious, and just a little nervous and I think most people have felt the same way at least once. In recent weeks I’ve been blessed enough to be able to do and try things for the very first time. Some of them seemed a little scary at first but I’m glad I never said no, not once. In fact, these firsts of mine have become my happy thoughts on not so good days. Before I blab on too much, here’s the reason I’ve been quite giddy lately…

photo 1

I was able to meet both Troian Bellisario and Partick Adams thanks to this oh-so-awesome job. The cherries on top of it all? I was able to take these photos with them and even work with one of them. How cool is that?

photo (3)

I got to style my very first fashion editorial! It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to share more of it! For now, just keep logging on to Candy to see what I’m talking about.

photo 2

With the March issue out, I was able to see and feel my very first article on the magazine with Macy and Patty! It’s a definite bonus that I had loads of fun looking for really cool fashion and beauty sites. Want to see more of the web special? Make sure to grab a copy (forgive my shameless plugs hehe).

photo (4)

Speaking of Macy and Patty, here we are at the Candy Staff shoot—my first ever since I joined the team back in July of last year! It was super fun getting all dolled up with my favorite girls.

photo 3

Lastly, I had the pleasure of contributing to one of the sites I constantly visit. What I liked about it was that I was able to write about something I’ve really been into lately—sneakers!

Those five are definitely on top of my list of happy thoughts lately and they keep me thinking positive. If you’re not having a good day, week, or month, try listing down all the things that make you happy and think about what you wanna do for the first time and go for it! I promise you, a smile will magically appear on your face.


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