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Krazy for Krispy Kreme

by shar
Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
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Last week, after a tiring shoot, the Candy staff got a big surprise on their desk (on Mimi's desk actually)–a box of Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed donuts! It was super yummy and very soft to the bite that I looked forward to sampling the other varieties. Fast forward to three days later, the Candy staff was invited to a sneak preview of the first ever Krispy Kreme store in the Philippines at the Bonifacio High Street, The Fort.


Upon entering the store, we were each given a freshly baked original glazed donut and it was even yummier than the one they sent here in the office. (I'm definitely destroying my holiday diet plan now..) Here's Marla and Angel holding up their yummy glazed donut.


We were also allowed to go inside the kitchen (but had to wear a cap first for hygiene purposes) and see firsthand how the donuts were produced…. 



and we even made our own chocolate iced donuts with sprinkles!


Step 1: Hold the donuts slightly and gently, an inch from the center ring.  (This is not easy as it looks. The donuts were super soft; I was having a hard time holding on to them!)


Step 2: Shake it… until no more chocolate drips from the donut.


Step 3: Turn it counterclockwise then clockwise then face up. (and SMILE!)


Step 4: Dip in sprinkles if you wish..


And VOILA! Your own yummy Krispy Kreme chocolate dipped donuts.

The Krispy Kreme store opens on November 30,Thursday.The first person in line will get a 1 yr supply of Krispy Kreme donuts for free. They're also giving away more prizes and freebies like Krispy Kreme shirts. Donuts are priced at P30 (original glazed) to P38 (other varieties.) A box of original glazed donuts is at P265 and 2 boxes go for only P500. 

So are you planning to line up on Thursday?


My Fair Share

by shar
Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
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Hey candy girls! It’s been a long time since I last posted here. I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff (sorry!) but I had a total recharge session the whole day yesterday playing with my little brother so.. I’m back! Everyone’s still in Candy fair mode and of course I’m totally excited to share with you a few of my favorite fair moments. It was great meeting you readers up close! Here are more pictures from the fair courtesy of super photographer Dakila Angeles, Marla, Mimi and me :) Enjoy!


Mimi took this shot as soon as we got there.


The early birds! Angel and Jennie were still sleeping (haha! joke lang Jen and Angel.)


Trying out one of the games at the Clean and Clear booth. (I got a furry pen! How about you?)


Macy and I took a short break and tried out Chamba Juice. Really yummy! :) See her giving it a thumbs up? :D


With some of our cool readers! Are you in the picture?


Mimi and I couldn’t resist taking a pix with the very cute Allue image model.


Cover girl Ellen Adarna flew in all the way from Cebu! :)


The fun part? Meeting all you readers!


Poor Dakila. He was on his feet the whole day shooting photos! Here he is taking a well-deserved break.


Speaking of breaks, what are you girls up to this sembreak? Just saying that word kinda makes me miss being a student. Imagine, 3 weeks of pure relaxation (well, that is if you’re in college.) If I were you, I’d do something productive and start planning my Christmas list because the malls are already getting crowded! If you wanna get a headstart, drop by at the  Santa’s Gifts Bazaar at the Quezon City Sports Club on November 18-19. They’ll have 80 booths selling food, fashion and beauty products, toys and lots more. Plus, admission is totally free!

Dream Date: Behind the scenes

by shar
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
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One sunny Saturday morning, we set up a boy and girl on a blind date. They were to wear 8 different sets of outfits and smile happily in front of a camera to appear like they were boyfriend-girlfriend. We thought it would be one long, difficult and tiring shoot. To our surprise, boy and girl already knew each other from way back. Here's a sneak peek of our fun fun fashion editorial shoot with Captain Barbell's Rhian Ramos and Candy Cutie Jose Sarasola. Grab a copy of the September issue to see our final work! :)




The first layout: Rhian and Jose were just warming up to the cam. 


Rhian and Jose had to eat ice cream for our next layout. They ate about 3 scoops each coz it kept melting! 



With our master photographer Sara Black. 


I brought an umbrella to keep Sara and me protected from the sun. Rhian and Jose's managers, drivers etc watch us from the back. 


Jose: "ANG INIT!!"


But when the camera started clicking, they were all smiles. 


Setting up for the layout.  


Jose's complaining na naman (kidding Jose!) 




Makeup artist Benjie Angeles swinging with our two models. 


Our last layout. :D 


Before we went back for our lunch break, Mimi and I saw this sign at the park and we couldn't resist taking a picture. We pretended we were drunk. How's our acting?

Bargain Shopping

by shar
Friday, August 18th, 2006
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I love shopping for a good bargain. Well, who doesn't right? Laughing I love the feeling of getting the last piece of a cute skirt on my size at 70% off much more than getting the same thing at a regular price, just because it makes me feel that I was really meant to buy it. My most recent bargain find was a cute beaded chiffon tunic dress at P200 which I got, in of all places, Rustan's–to think many people thought everything there is expensive! Wink It was the last piece from last season's collection and it was my size. When I tried it on, it fit really great that I didn't think twice about buying it.

Last Monday however, I did another kind of bargain shopping–a bargain shopping challenge!Cool Together with my teammates, makeup artist Ces Guerrero and Candy model Elise Veloso, we "competed" with 6 other teams to come up with 2 outfits (one for day and one for night) with a P3,000 budget. We also only had a 1 hour time limit to go shopping! When we got the signal to start, we went around SM Makati, trying not to be tempted to do some shopping on our own and focus on finding the right outfit (in terms of price and look) to be used for the showdown. The result of our work came out today in The Philippine Star's YStyle section, page K3 to be exact. Check this link for more details. (They didn't put in the images though!)

Shopping Challenge!


The winner of the challenge will be determined by the readers and will be announced next week at YStyle. Sealed I'm soooo nervous that's why I'm writing to all you Candy readers (who love Candy) to vote for Team Candy! Email [email protected] before Tuesday, August 22, together with your full name, contact info and why you pick us (Team Sharlene) and get the chance to win P10,000 GCs from SM! Money mouth You can use it to buy an Ipod at SM Appliances, shop for beauty loot at Watson's or fill your closet with more fashionable tops! So vote now!




I suddenly feel like a newscaster while typing my title for this post but that's exactly how I feel right now with the news I'm about to share. I don't usually wake up early but this morning was an exception because Havaianas was launching their Embellished Collection at Rockwell Powerplant. I could still remember the time when I saw Havaianas in Teen Vogue and asked my cousin to buy me my first ever pair abroad, Top in brown. When I found out it was already distributed locally, I got my second pair, Top in purple! Later on, I bought more styles and got my other friends and even a 50 year old aunt addicted. (Age doesn't really matter!) So, you could only imagine how giddy I got when I found out about the launch. Together with 20 or more other people, I got the first peek of these limited edition flipflops which were adorned with Swarovski Crystals, sequins and different kinds of sparkly beads. When I got to Aura Athletica in Powerplant, where these babies will be exclusively available, I couldn't wait to try on all the pairs and go on a shopping spree. So there I was, trying on the pairs for about 5 minutes, having a hard time choosing which one to get; I finally settled on a gold pair because it surprisingly matched my girly-girl outfit today. I immediately changed from my kitten heeled pumps and felt super relaxed but still glamorous in my new flipflops. :)

Are you a Havies addict? Check out the flipflop exhibit of this new collection at the North Court area of Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. It's the area near Marks and Spencer and A/X. :) If you can't help but drool on these pairs, take a few steps to Aura Athletica and start shopping!

Super smiling, 



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