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Cover Insider: Coleen Garcia’s look

by sam
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
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The outfit:

Start with a chunky, salmon colored cable-knit sweater worn one size too big. The saccharine color will pop against a neutral like heather grey, and the relaxed shape will balance the clingy fabric of the skirt. If you’re conscious about being a little bottom-heavy, avoid flats and go for heels which will stretch your frame. You can also adjust where you want the hem to hit based on your height (if you’re on the petite side, keep it knee length to give you the illusion of longer legs). Both pieces for the shoot I borrowed from Topshop, and you can probably still find them if you’re quick!


The hair & makeup:

Marla’s notes for the cover look were ‘preppy formal’ so with that in mind, I turned to beauty inspiration from the ’60s for Coleen’s makeup. Denise Go adapted Kate Spade’s Spring 2014 graphic cat eyes and shimmery white liner for Coleen’s complexion, and to top it off Rhoy Cervantes created a perfectly exaggerated beehive ala  ’60s French cinema muse Brigitte Bardot.

The Candy team has been working overtime these past few months to bring you all sorts of  awesome end of the year goodies, and we’re so happy to finally reveal one of the products of all that hard work. :)

Here’s a peek at The Candy Style Guide: Street Style Edition, which I’m so proud to have worked on with Steph, Marla, Erin, Erika, and Macy!


Our team spent a lot of time carefully curating this sweet little tome, constantly cross-emailing and collating photos from the most stylish guys and gals from all over the globe. Spanning 4 continents and featuring over 150 of the coolest kids in the world, this book was inspired by our collective love of online (and IRL) street style stalking.


Aside from tons of cools street style photos, we also included Instagram-y detail shots, helpful styling tips, and snippets of interviews from some of our favorite standouts about everything from what makes their city’s style unique to where they draw their inspiration from.


I really hope you guys enjoy flipping through this book, because we definitely made it with you guys in mind– the coolest readers that inspire us to do equally cool work.

Please keep an eye out for this book and grab a copy when it drops at bookstores by the end of the week!


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Like, Totes.

by sam
Friday, August 2nd, 2013
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When I was 17 I bought a drum kit. This was not fueled so much by a genuine love of making beats as it was by my supreme girl crush on The Like, an LA-based trio of ridiculously good-looking girls who also happened to make music.

june gloom

The Like played shows in Tokyo, dated interchangeable members of Phantom Planet and Maroon 5, and had a penchant for being photographed in my favorite magazines at the time, Teen Vogue and Nylon.

To me, they were the ultimate. The coolest girls on the planet.

Fast forward a couple of years– past a line-up change, a Mark Ronson romance, and a mysterious falling out– and its original members are still kicking around in LA, popping up in little indie super groups and frequenting Alexa Chung and Behati Prinsloo’s instagrams. Prime examples that for some It Girls, cool is eternal.

Cop their style with this very Candy Fair-appropriate moodboard :


p.s. I never learned how to drum.

Where We Get Our Summer Kicks: MYOH 2013

by sam
Wednesday, May 1st, 2013
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Last night Marla, Erin, and I found ourselves at Make Your Own Havaianas in Rockwell, which is easily one of my favorite annual summer events.


pink lemonade, anyone?

This year’s MYOH turned the customizable fun up a notch by not only introducing local illustrator Dan Matutina’s astronomy-themed design, but also by announcing the YOU + Havaianas competition, which will see one lucky winner’s design turned into a limited edition pair for the 2014 collection.


totes eco-friendly

Aside from being able to customize my very own pair, I personally dug all the little details that Havaianas threw in to keep in theme with Matutina’s celestial designs. From the alien/spaceship pins, to the constellation print on the reusable canvas bag with markers, the whole thing totally was an out of this world experience.

 Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 runs from May 2 to 5 at the Rockwell Tent .

The YOU + Havaianas competition runs online till June 9.

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Wondering where to get your shop on this summer? Look no further than the newly minted Bershka, which happens to be the brainchild of Spanish, fast-fashion  supergroup Inditex (see also: ZARA, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear).

At the launch of their new Glorietta branch, I had the chance to sit down with 3 of their special guests to get the inside scoop on the brand.

Picture 1

DJ Eve Speciall, Begona Munoz (Head of Communications), and DJ Prince Pelayo

How did you decide to pick this spot as the first Bershka branch in the Philippines?

Begona Munoz: Bershka doesn’t place ads, so finding a great location like this one, especially when opening in a new market, acts as our ad. It’s all about location!

What do you love about Bershka as a brand?

DJ Prince Pelayo: I love the fact that it’s so accessible in the way that it connects to young people. I remember when I was a teenager, I’d buy Bershka in my home city because I felt that it connected with my taste, not only in fashion but in music.

DJ Eve Speciall: For me it’s about being able to constantly update your wardrobe without putting too much of a dent in your wallet as well. Always having pieces that are really current… It’s a one-stop shop for just about anything. They have some formal pieces and casual pieces that you can easily mix and match.


Who is the Bershka Girl?

Begona Munoz: The Bershka girl is very independent. She is very in tune with the things that she wants and she loves to shop with her friend. In a word, she is fearless.

Bershka is located at the Ground Floor of the new Glorietta.

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