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What We Love: Coach Poppy Flower

by mia
Saturday, November 19th, 2011
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Dearest Candy Girls,

Prom night. It’s the first time I learned the power of the perfect scent. I had saved up for weeks to buy a bottle of Tartine, and more than my hair (french twist), makeup (did it myself, hardly any at all), or dress (a regrettable pink satin number; take my word for it, you want to shine on prom night, not be shiny), it was my new scent that I was terribly excited about. And boy did I get that part right! Not only has it become my fave scent through the years, it has also carried the magic of a million happy days and memories. Just a whiff is enough to lift my mood. Funnily enough, it’s the only scent my husband (who was my prom date) likes.

But since I am a beauty junkie who has formed an attachment to what is now a scary mass of bottles in her closet, I find nothing wrong in using a different fragrance every day. I’m guessing this is how loyal and boringly steadfast girls get their rebellious kicks—when they’re not marrying their first boyfriends or making a career out of their first jobs, they’re busy being fragrance flirts, counting five perfumes as their favorites.

Until now. One whiff of Coach’s newest scent, Poppy Flower, and I’m suddenly all loyal and steadfast again. It’s a sparkling fruity floral that isn’t at all overpowering. It’s sweet without being dowdy, feminine without being cloying. I cannot stop sniffing it. I suspect more than one person will think me strange tonight, as I step out for a dinner date, maniacally putting my nose to my inner wrist every 30 seconds or so. I don’t care. The peony and grapefruit notes take me back to a happy, happy day when I was wearing white and holding a bouquet of the lushest peonies ever.

I smell a new favorite. :)

Mia :beautifuleyes:

Coach Poppy Flower is available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

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What We Love: Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

by mia
Thursday, November 10th, 2011
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Dearest Candy Girls,

On a perfect day, your crush tells you how pretty you look with your hair that way (and you make sure your hair is exactly that way every time you see him again after that). On a perfect day, you spot in the mall THE actual bag/shoe/dress/top you’ve been carrying on a secret relationship with for weeks via the Forever 21 website, and it is priced cheaper than you imagined. You rush home with your prized find and plan the very next time you will bump into your crush wearing the bag/shoe/dress/top with your hair that way. And on a perfect day, you come home and are surprised by your mom/dad/bro/sis/friend with a pint of your fave flavor Haagen-Dazs ice cream, just because you’re you and they love you to bits.

If you are my mom, dad, bro, sis, or friend, please know that I am me, remember that you love me to bits, and that my fave flavor is Caramel Biscuit. But Belgian Chocolate and Key Lime Pie make me incredibly happy too. If you are not my mom, dad, bro, sis, or friend, please know that I am open-minded, love to make new friends, and will never turn down free ice cream.

I just had a Perfect (Caramel Biscuit) Day and would love some more. Hope you’re all having your own perfect days, Candy Girls!

Mia :beautifuleyes:

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What We Love: Naturally Pretty

by mia
Monday, October 31st, 2011
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When I’m trying to save tons of money, I stop spending on clothes, bags, and shoes and play with my makeup instead. Makeup is obviously much cheaper, and besides I already have everything I need and don’t need to buy new cosmetics every time. Interesting factoid: studies show that in times of economic crises, lipstick sales go up, and clothing sales go down. I kid you not.

Despite being a beauty junkie, I rarely do a full-blown made-up face. I find the naturally pretty look much more appealing. Here’s My 3-Step Shortcut to Getting Compliments!

1)Swirl on a soft-colored blush, like those in soft pink shades or rosy brown ones. Remember, less is more. I always end up putting on too much because I have a deeply irrational love for blush, and I always regret it later on when I see photos. So now I actually count my strokes, and no longer look like a clown. Right now I’m insanely attached (meaning I like to look at it before sleeping–crazy, crazy!) to Physician’s Formula Mood Boosting Blush (supposedly it has the benefit of aromatherapy, but just looking at the pretty packaging is enough to make me happy). I love that it’s hypo-allergenic (I have the worst sensitive skin, it can win contests I tell you!) and that my physician husband bought it for me. So I guess that makes me babaw on top of crazy haha!

2)Dot some highlighter or luminizer on top of your blush, slightly higher than the apples of your cheeks, to emphasize your bone structure. If you want to go even more subtle, you can start with the highlighter before putting on your blush. Highlighter can totally open up your peepers too if you place a bit on your browbones and the inner corners of your eyes. Resist the urge to put a lot; highlighters are meant to be used sparingly, otherwise you’ll look oily not dewy! I love Benefit’s That Gal for an all-over rosy glow, but The Balm’s Mary Lou-manizer and Forever 21′s Shimmer Powder are nice and subtle too.

3)Finish with a swipe of gloss. Try either a rosy beige for day or a luscious pink for night. These glosses from Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, and Maybelline are my current faves, and best of all they’re all dirt cheap. Maybelline’s Tempting Toffee smells totally delish, too!

Show me pics of your naturally pretty look or tell me about your fave products here or at! Happy Halloween, Candy Girls!

Primping and Saving,
Mia :beautifuleyes:

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What We Love: Cheap Thrills

by mia
Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
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Whenever am feeling down (and lately this seems to be happening a lot, chalk it up to preggy hormones), I try to dwell on everyday things that make me happy. I read a study that found happy people are usually grateful people, and I found this incredibly comforting, especially since I tend to think the best things in life are free.

My dog Mickey (his full name is Mickeyangelo, heehee) is such a glutton for attention. He loves toys and treats, but it’s really attention that’s his biggest motivator. His greatest joy in life is to be tickled, and dog momma that I am, I’m more than happy to oblige. Tickling him (and hearing his doggie pant-slash-laugh) always puts me in a better mood. And it doesn’t cost a thing!

My two sisters have excellent taste in everything, and I love how I can count on that when I’m having a hard time deciding what to wear, buy, use. They also love surprising me with all sorts of treats, which always end up incredibly dear and useful to me. The best part is how I’m reminded of them every time I use these goodies. Now that’s something money can’t buy! The rose salve is from Celine, she gave this ages ago because she knows how hopelessly dry my skin and lips are. It was my BFF when I hit Europe in the fall, and it’s still my BFF now that am preggy and always dehydrated. The vanilla sorbet gloss is from Bambi. We’re both beauty junkies who love great packaging as much as great product quality. I love how this is not at all sticky, and how it goes with all my fave lip colors. I’m never without it!

I always feel better when I’m near the water, so when my guy whisked me away one ordinary Thursday night to an impromptu taco dinner (I looove Mexican food) by the bay after a long day at work, I was overjoyed. He just thought about it as we were leaving the Candy office, walking towards his car. Surprise dates are the best, but it’s the wonderful company that makes all the difference :)

What are your cheap thrills, Candy Girls? Tell me all about them here or e-mail me at!

Lots of Love,
Mia :beautifuleyes:

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What We Love: Cute Flats!

by mia
Friday, October 14th, 2011
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Dearest Candy Girls,

Yes, am still talking about shoes. In my last blog entry, I was mourning the fact that I can’t really wear heels these days ’cause am eight months preggy and my feet and ankles are swollen, and my hamstrings hurt from the weight of my baby, and my balance is off because of my hormones, yada yada yada (cue tearjerker, bag-of-sorrows music here).

I know it’s no big tragedy, so I try to look on the bright side. These days I’m finding comfort in cute flats. And I love how our local brands have really stepped up, producing pretty pairs at crazy-low prices. Been wearing these a lot lately…

all photos by Steph Yapnayon, flats lover extraordinaire

I miss wearing my red pumps, and all my other red flats are tattered and hopelessly dated, so I was delighted when I spotted these in Shoebox. Am still in search of cute red sneakers though, any leads will be much appreciated…

Okay, these are obviously not local, but what girly girl can resist blush ballet flats!? Certainly not me, the girl who has lost track of how many ballet flats she has succumbed to. This pair is a welcome addition to my scarily huge pile of black flats.

Steph and I were looking in Shoebox after work one day, and my breath caught when I saw these pale-colored loafers. You won’t believe how soft they are!

Got this bright blue pair from The Ramp. I love how it pops against all my black and gray outfits. The cotton fabric is super comfy too.

What flats have you been loving lately? Send me a pic at or tell me about them here!

Lots of Love,

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