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10 Thoughts While Watching Revenge

by marla
Monday, June 23rd, 2014
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Last week, I woke up at five am to write a story for a collaborative project I’m working on with some friends. (Details soon!) Instead, I turned on the TV and caught episode seven of Revenge season three. I stopped watching this show regularly in the first season, so obviously I didn’t understand anything that was happening. Which doesn’t mean I can’t share with you exactly what I was thinking, in chronological order:

emily-van-camp-revenge-promo-pics -06
photo: ABC

1. Nolan still wears colored pants? After all this time? Really?
2. Wait, what? Getting married?!
3. Who’s this guy in the shower again? Actually, I don’t really care, let me just look at him and… HE DOESN’T NEED A TOWEL, VICTORIA, GO AWAY! UGH WHY MUST YOU RUIN EVERYTHING.
4. I want to befriend this girl because she can bake me a cake. Although…
5. Daniel’s ex has major crazy eyes, but also a cute apron and a photoshoot ponytail. She’s cool. And I’m a terrible judge of character.
6. “This itinerary is too aggressive.” #sh!tvictoriasays #push
7. Pshaw. Publicists don’t wear prints that big and colors that bright. Everyone knows that.
8. Come on, Jack, give us one tear. For dead Amanda’s sake. Half a tear? No?
9. Of course the fireworks make everyone suddenly feel like making out. How novel.
10. Is everyone a cheater on this show? Everyone’s a cheater on this show! I don’t trust you people.

I wish I can tell you that after the closing credits I finally got some writing done—but no. I had a chocolate truffle for breakfast and read Gillian Flynn. I need your focus, Emily. Help?


Things I Will Consume When It* Stops Hurting

by marla
Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
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*the place where my wisdom tooth once was, that is

When I had my wisdom tooth extracted last weekend, the doctor told me to stay away from the following things: smoking (easy—I don’t), alcohol (also easy because I am a grandma), anything you drink through a straw, and strenuous activity. He should have told me to stay away from people eating solid food, too, because being around people munching on, well, munchables as opposed to soup and yogurt, is torture. Torture. As I type this I am semi-sulking at my desk, pointedly avoiding the office pantry, where people are devouring steak drenched in gravy, barbecue potato chips, apple slices, and chocolate bars. For illustrative purposes, this is my face ATM, except hungrier:


But there is a silver lining: when this is all over, I can eat. Anything. I. Want. They say joy is often in the anticipation, and you can bet I’m counting down the days until I can chew again. While I’m waiting, I’m making a mental (and digital) collage of all the friends I will reunite with in a week or so. Absence makes the heart fonder and all that.


JUST LOOK AT ALL THAT FOOOOODDD!!! Threw in a healthy-ish salad for good measure but mostly it’s going to be all the delicious stuff that’s bad for me.

But when all is said and done, there is a lesson to be learned: don’t ever take things for granted. Especially your teeth. Confucius agrees:


I hope it’s not tooth-hurty (LOL!) wherever you are.


We’re pretty stoked about tomorrow’s beach party theme for the first ever Candy Readers’ Choice Awards, and we know most of you are, too. But we also know the “beach chic” dress code might send some of you running for the hills, especially for those who are too shy to expose skin. So here’s an outfit option I threw together for those who are averse to denim cut-offs, crop tops, and bodycon dresses. The trick to showing skin is that you never go beyond what you’re comfortable in—and that whatever you’re wearing, you’re always confident enough to flash the world your biggest, happiest smile.

Screen shot
Items from Topshop, Forever 21, and Suite Blanco

See you girls tomorrow, 5 pm at The Rockwell Tent! <3


An Open Letter to My Hair

by marla
Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
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Dear Hair,

I know our relationship hasn’t been perfect. Most days we’re pretty okay friends, but NGL, sometimes I hate you so much I’m just tempted to get rid of you altogether. Not entirely your fault though—I’ve inflicted so much damage on you and made so many bad decisions at your expense over the years, and I’d like to apologize. I’m sorry about that time I cut most of you off for a stiff chin-length bob that made me look like Dora the Explorer, except not as cute. I’m sorry about that time I dyed you the wrong shade of red, which turned orange after a couple of weeks. I’m sorry about all the times I’ve subjected you to the harsh sun, or soaked you in chlorine or saltwater for hours. I’m getting better at taking care of you: I’ve learned to condition every day, do a once-a-week at-home treatment, get a trim regularly, and only go to colorists I trust.

Last week you and I went on a date to Color My Hair Technical Salon. I showed them a peg of Lily Aldridge’s lovely ombre (my dream for you since foreverrr), and they went to work right away. I loved how they knew who Lily Aldridge (and even Gemma Styles!) was—no blank looks that made me feel embarrassed. They promised they’d treat you right—and they did.

photo from

At the end of the session, you were the perfect ombre with subtle highlights, blended carefully and seamlessly. You didn’t feel dry or damaged, and it didn’t look like I’d be crying over your state in a few days. They even blow-dried you into soft waves and gave me instructions on how to make sure your new color stays put. Since then we’ve been so happy together; except for the occasional maintenance trim, I can’t imagine anything I’d like to change about you at the moment.


You and I are definitely more than “pretty okay” now. :-)


Color My Hair Technical Salon is located at the 5th floor of The Atrium, SM Megamall. For inquiries, please call them at 637-0717 or 0916-6099587. You may also email them at [email protected], like their Facebook page Color My Hair, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @cmhmanila. Bonus: Owner Ari Hortaleza is super fun to talk to about hair trends, makeup, and One Direction!


by marla
Friday, March 14th, 2014
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Candy turns 15 this month, and every time March rolls around I often reminisce back to 1999, when I picked up that first issue with Amanda Griffin on the cover and fell totally in love with the magazine. (I’m still smitten now—obviously!)

1999 was also the year I fell in love with Popular, a TV series that ran for a mere two seasons and ended up going off the air in 2001. But even in that short span of time, this show made such a huge impact on my young self. Popular tells the story of Sam McPherson and Brooke McQueen, two girls on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum who are forced to enter each other’s worlds when their parents get married. I loved it for its snappy dialogue, cute boys (one blonde, one brunette, of course!), and fascinating plotline, but more than anything, I loved it because its characters were complex and layered enough to help me see that there are so many dimensions and aspects to popularity. The popular girl isn’t always cruel and doesn’t always wear head-to-toe pink, and the unpopular girl doesn’t always wear glasses and braces, stuttering at her shoes every time someone talks to her. At 13—the perfect age to be introduced to high school power struggles—I began to understand how people aren’t usually what they seem, and that it pays to look beyond the surface. I saw how blurring the lines between friendship and romance can either be disastrous or spectacular, how you should always choose to be kind, and how even the ones who supposedly have it all together can crumble at the slightest touch.

Even the show’s theme song, “High School Highway” by Sydney Forest, is a commentary on turbulent teen existence: To bend and not to break/ chin up, try not to quake/ I’m grinning on the outside/ but I’m a wreck internally. At some point it describes Sam as the girl “with freckles on her nose and a longing in her heart; pretending not to care is her science—no, it’s her art” and Brooke as both “the perfect size two cheerleader” and “a ravenous starving artist painting her own doubt.”

Most of the show is available for streaming online—a delightful fact I recently discovered—and I highly recommend you watch it. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!


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