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Choose Your Flavor: Sweet or Sour?

by macy
Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
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Who doesn’t love dessert, right? But sometimes I want something both sweet and sour when the mood strikes. So when we got invited to sample Pinkberry’s latest flavors plus a new topping, Ayessa and I were excited to check it out.

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If you love gummy candy, you’ll love this new topping they offer instore—Sugarpova. Did you know Maria Sharapova had a line of candy? We sure didn’t. They made tinier versions to put on your yogurt, so you can have a taste of these tart gummies. They come in cute shapes, too! My fave are the lips. The coolest thing about the candy? Part of the proceeds go to Maria Sharapova’s charity. If you do decide to order Sugarpova toppings, make sure to take a photo and tag @pinkberryph #sharapinkberry on Instagram. You just might be chosen to receive P500 worth of Pinkberry gift certificated. Woohoo! More yogurt for you. Promo is only till October 24 and they’ll be choosing one winner per week every Friday. Good luck!

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We also got to try different toppings to match with the cherry yogurt. My favorite combo was the cherry macaroon which was cherry yogurt, sliced almonds, and coconut flakes. Another flavor we got to sample was the salted caramel. It was interesting when they put sea salt in two of the combos. But those turned out as the ones we liked best! If you and your bestie want to try this flavor, there’s a buy one, get one promo till October 17.

For more details on Pinkberry’s offerings, check them out on Facebook.

Handwritten Type Love

by macy
Sunday, September 21st, 2014
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I’ve always been a fan of fonts for as long as I can remember. In high school, I could name the typefaces just by looking at them. HAHA! You could say I was kind of obsessed. One of my favorite font styles are the ones that are handwritten—or at least made to look handwritten. A  favorite resource for such type is Fonts for Peas. I even attempted to submit my own handwriting to the site so I could have a Pea Macy font, but unfortunately, it never passed their standards and therefore never saw the light of .TTF day.

Fast forward to today, my friend and fellow type lover Mikko introduced me to iFontMaker. It’s an app that lets you create your own font with just a tablet and a stylus. If you don’t have a tablet, there’s a site that’s pretty similar (my friend Kaich pointed me to that direction) but you’ll need a printer and a scanner.

The first time I tried, Mikko forgot her stylus but I attempted to write with my fingertip. Thus, my very creative and groundbreaking name for this type: Fingerwriting!


Used Cupcake Ipsum for the gibberish. I love how it really does look my handwriting even if I did use my pointer finger to “write” it.

My next one looks a little more refined because I finally used a stylus. I call this one Macy Serif—I’m super creative when it comes to naming type faces apparently.


Absolutely can’t wait to make more! If you want to see what fonts my friend Mikko has made available for public use, check out her page on DaFont!

So You Think You Can’t Dance?

by macy
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
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A ton of you have been messaging to ask what this year’s Candy Fair theme is (it’s EDM!) and we know it’s because you’re already prepping what you’ll be wearing to the biggest teen event of the year. EDM, or electronic dance music, might sound a little intimidating or even foreign (believe me, even I don’t really know much about it), but we’re here to make things simpler for you. Just keep checking back because we’ll have style guides and an EDM primer to help you out.

In the meantime, why don’t we work on your dancing? (; We enlisted the help of some very cute boys to do so. If you haven’t already seen The ABCs of Dance with this year’s adorable Candy Cuties, let us run down some of the steps that you can start practicing in your bedroom in time for September 27 (there will be a lot of dancing!).

Start with something simple.


That wasn’t too tough, right?

How about a little foot action?


Switch up your hands too for more variation.

Turn everyday, ordinary actions (like cleaning your ears, for example) into dance moves!


And like Be Careful with My Heart’s Marlo Mortel, pretend to throw the Q-tip away.

Nothing better than dancing with friends!


So get three of your besties to do this classic step with you.

Watch the full video (by our super awesome video team!) for the complete alphabet. Plus, lots and lots of cute boys (you just might spot all of them at the Candy Fair—so make sure to buy your tickets now!)

Don’t forget these important details: The #CandyFair2014 is happening on September 27, Saturday from 10am to 6pm at the Metrowalk Tent. See you there!

Let’s Make Things

by macy
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
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What do you do on your days off? I like to make things with my hands. And lucky me, I’m surrounded by people who allow me to do just that!


Two of what I consider to be my proudest moments this year: getting to illustrate for ? V: A Life and Style Diary (have you gotten your copy yet?) and doing the calligraphy for my friends’ new book, Sola Musica (you can preorder it on Amazon!). I can’t believe that I’ve graduated from doodling on the margins of my notebooks to being credited as an illustrator or have my handwriting worthy of a book cover! What an honor. Thank you, Marla, Ines, and Stephie for asking me to do these projects with you.


I want to help out in my brother’s wedding preps so over the weekend, while coloring newspapers (haha) with my niece, I carved a stamp for him and my sister-in-law. Pretty cool that all their names start with a letter M so they can use this for whatever! (I can even use it, too.) After that, I went home to bake some cookies. I go by the handle “macysfields,” because Mrs. Fields was my idol growing up. All the first recipes I tried were from the Mrs. Fields Cookie Cookbook!


The next morning, I headed to the Hey Kessy Studio in Katipunan to get some crafting done. While my friend Mikko was holding her pressed flower workshop, I decided to come up with this collage featuring skills I learned from different workshops: watercolor, pressed flowers, and papercutting! The lyrics are from Jason Mraz’s latest album. <3


And to round up my wonderful weekend, I joined Hey Kessy’s craft gathering at the studio. You might be familiar with Hey Kessy because of their washi tapes. If you head to their newly-opened store at 71-B E. Abada, though, you’ll find even more pretty things to hoard! At the little get-together-slash-celebration, I met a lot of craft entrepreneurs who enjoy making things with their hands, too. We spent the afternoon painting clay plates. I stamped mine with words to remind me to always make space for the things that matter.

What about you? What do you do on your days off? (:


I absolutely love making things with my hands: handwritten notes, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies, friendship bracelets. You name it, I’ll make it! So when we got invited to Bensimon’s DIY shoe event, I was super excited to go! When Erin, Kaye, and I got there, we were given a pair each and the freedom (and materials) to do whatever we wanted to do with them.

Call me a craft geek, but I had already been thinking of how to decorate my pair even before we got to Common Thread in Rockwell. I recently bought a few clay plates from my friend and The Candy DIY Book co-crafter Mansy and one of them had this French phrase on it: c’est toujours le bon moment. She told me that it translates to “it’s always the right time” and I fell in love with it and have been keeping it in my head as a mantra. And Bensimon, being a French brand of sneakers (I’ve always wanted a pair ever since I saw them featured on A Cup of Joshe had me at “French girls’ Converse”), I thought it appropriate to decorate with a Parisian touch. So when I sat down to DIY my shoe, I looked around and decided that I would embroider the words on opposite sides of my shoe.


I asked for help from Jof who figured out my thread-and-needle situation and suggested that I sketch my design with a marker so it would be easier to embroider. PS She gave me and Erin super cute surfer girl stickers. Check out her website at!


And here’s my finished pair! Love that when I stare down at my feet, I can sort of read the words. It’s a constant reminder to be brave and to not be afraid of trying something because, well, it’s always the right time. (:


Want to get your own pair to customize? Head to Common Thread in Powerplant Mall! For more information and to find a branch near you, visit!

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