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Hearts Day

by jennie
Thursday, February 14th, 2008
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Hi everyone, Happy Valentine's Day! I'm going to be semi-lonely on this day because my husband is out of town, but I've got my two lovely sons to keep me company, so that's why I'll only be "semi" sad. Today started out sweetly as I served as my older son's date in his school. We did some arts & crafts activities and read stories. It was really nice. Later, I'm going to take both my children out for a proper date :) 

I hardly blog, so as usual, I'm going to end this soon. But not without sending you all our (the Candy staff's) warmest greetings on this day of hearts. Remember though, it's only an occasion created by the Hallmark company to sell cards, so don't take it to heart if you don't have a special someone! Make a date with your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, best friend, or yourself! It'll be good as long as you spend it with someone you love :)

Peace Out! 



Soul of Seoul

by jennie
Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
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Hi everybody, it's been a real long while since I last blogged. I think it's because I don't really know how, the whole idea escapes me. But at the urging of Mimi and Angel, I've decided to write a little bit about my trip to Seoul last week (for a press junket for The Face Shop). Let me tell you, I wasn't too excited to go at first because it's winter in Korea now, and I haven't been in the cold for some years now, so I wasn't feeling prepared. Plus, my reclusive nature felt threatened by the idea of going to a strange country with strangers. Needless to say, I'm glad I went because Seoul was awesome! I never imagined Korea to be so clean, organized, and pretty! And my fellow editors (from Summit and other publishing houses) are a total hoot! The whole press experience was cool–attending a conference, going to a factory to see how makeup is made and packaged–and the whole foreign country thing was amazing! I was able to rustle up a small group to go sightseeing, and it was crazy, but fun. Here are some pics of my experience:

Me and some of the editors outside our hotel.

Sampling some of the goods in The Face Shop.

Traditional (formal) Korean dinner.

All suited up for factory tour. No pics allowed inside factory :(

Summit sistas: Vicky from Preview, Lyca from Seventeen, moi, and Arlene from Marie Claire.

The beautiful park at the Gyeongbogkung Palace. Pretty!




So you want to model? :>

by jennie
Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
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Hi girls! I just want to clarify some things regarding modeling for Candy.  By "portfolio" we mean a set of pictures of yourself.  It is best if these pictures are clear.  Now, you have to know that the pictures you send will not be placed in the magazine, I will just be taking a look at them and see if your "look" is the one I'm going for Smile Please remember though that to model for Candy you'd have to participate in photo shoots.  Also, don't forget to include your contact information (like mobile number or email addy) and some info about yourself (age and if you go to regular school or are homeschooled).  Since I handle the beauty sections, height and weight are not that important; but good skin is. Now, I receive a ton of emails so don't feel bad if I don't reply to your email, but rest assured that I've read it Laughing Ok, hope I've clarified some things! If you have any more questions just email me at: [email protected] Laughing

Hi girlies! First of all, thanks for all your replies and pics! But is it possible if ya'll could be a little more specific when you send in your pics and info? Like — include a picture of the celeb you'd like to be made over as? It would really help me make my decision. Plus, clear pictures are appreciated! Thanks a lot! :>

Want to be made over?

by jennie
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
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Hi gals! I'm looking for someone who's interested in being made over (to look like your fave celeb — of course this celeb must be a girl, and preferably foreign so it really is obvious!). Email me your pics if you're interested. This is for my beauty pages :>



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