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Lovin’ leggings and trainers

by jed
Friday, September 19th, 2014
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Isn’t there something really cute about a dress + leggings + trainers combo?

Runway inspiration: Looks from the Chanel Fall 2015 collection. Photo:

He Won in "She's Got Game" photographed by Tricia Gosingtian for CANDY, August 2012.

He Won in “She’s Got Game” photographed by Tricia Gosingtian for CANDY, August 2012.

I’d like to see your interpretation of this trend! Instagram your look and tag me @jedgcandy.


All about knee-high boots

by jed
Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
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"Dawn Treader" photographed by Cenon Norial III for Candy, March 2013.

“Dawn Treader” photographed by Cenon Norial III for CANDY, March 2013.

Fall 2014 runway shows: Saint Laurent, Gucci, Louis Vuitton.

Looks from the Fall 2014 runway shows: Saint Laurent, Gucci, Louis Vuitton

Boots, Liu Jo

LIU JO boots, available at Greenbelt 5 and SM Mall of Asia

I’m obsessed!

Knee-high boots have been popping up at the international runway shows, so don’t be surprised if your fave A-list celebs start strutting about town wearing them. Expect some knee-high moments in the magazine very soon, too!

Though it might be tricky to pull them off here, won’t it be nice to take a pair to an overseas trip? I’d like to see your gutsy knee-high boot look! Tag me on Twitter or Instagram at @jedgcandy.


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Hi, Candy girls! I’m Ning, fashion and beauty intern at Candy. My job is to work with the fashion and beauty editor, Jed, in producing shoots and pages for the magazine. Below are five things I’ve learned from three months (so far!) of being an intern.

5. There is no need to serve anyone their coffee.

Being a fashion intern at Candy is nothing like working for Miranda Priestly! There is this preconceived notion that being an intern would mean doing menial tasks. Interns here are going to be utilised with their given skill set, assuring them of a very enriching and worthwhile work experience.  As a fashion intern,  I’m always on the go sourcing clothes, or even attending events. The work is hard, but it’s really fun, and no, I don’t have a terror boss. There are so many things I wouldn’t have known had I not been an intern under Jed, the Fashion and Beauty Editor. I was guided through the entire process of conceptualizing a shoot down to thinking about the right words for the captions and titles. Since issues are done in advance, a lot of fashion foresight is needed, so I updated myself on the runway trends as well as familiarizing myself with the designers. This is to ensure that the quality of style we give to the readers is up-to-date and on par with international magazine titles.


4. Everything is always at top speed. 

There is always a lot of things to do and they have to be done quickly. Efficiency is key, but it can really take a lot out of you. I noticed that the publishing industry is inherently fast-paced because the magazines have to be printed just in time to be released. Deadlines are always upon us, so I consider my planner as an extension of my soul. With regards to being a fashion intern, there is this constant cycle of scheduling shoots, getting pullouts, returning pullouts, and planning for the next issue. Looking back at the past two months, I’m surprised that I’ve worked on four issues already!


3. There will be some heavy-lifting, and some other nitty-gritty stuff. 

In theory, working in fashion can just seem to be super fun all the time, but no, it’s really hard work. That notion is from what people already see in the magazines, but what they don’t see is what happens behind the scenes. Doing pullouts and carrying them to and from the shoot is an insane arm workout. Once you’re in the studio, you have to make sure that all the clothes and accessories are properly laid out, so the shoot can run as smooth as possible. You have to do things like tape the soles of the shoes, steam then hang the clothes, and if you’re unlucky enough to acquire a stain on an outfit, you’ll have to do some laundry. With all these things that have to be taken care of on top of the actual styling, I realized how taxing it really is to be a stylist. I’ve actually asked Jed several times how he manages to do all of these things without an assistant!


2. Tasks are comparable to a mind-boggling sudoku puzzle. 

There are times when you have to make the impossible…possible.  I learned that I always have to be on my heels (literally and figuratively). You’ll never know when a snap decision has to be made, and you always have to think fast and adjust to any given situation. Your mind has to be working almost 24/7 to make sure you’re on top of things. It’s also fascinating seeing an entire fashion editorial unravel in front of you. At first, certain things may not make sense such as how the clothes are all going to come together. During the shoot, I get to understand the importance of having good styling. What I learned was that what a fashion editor does is not all about putting together cute outfits, but it’s more of making the entire editorial go together. Jed always does a mixing of high and low with the different brands, and the result is always interesting but cool!


1. It’s not like your ordinary job, it’s a cool job!

Working under fashion in a publishing company is very challenging and fast-paced, therefore you need to think and act quickly. What I like about working in this industry is that each day is different and a lot of the work is done outside of the office…so it really isn’t your ordinary desk job.  The fashion and beauty pages of Candy have always been particularly cute and cohesive. I have always wondered how the pages turned out like that, but ever since I started interning, I got the privilege of knowing what makes or breaks a page. I was made to be more particular with the wittiness of my writing as well as filling up the page with relevant yet eye-catching visuals in an effort to make it look and sound more “Candy.” Since everyday isn’t the same, the experiences I encounter are always new and it forces me to unleash some creativity. I like the adrenaline rush I get when the work I do is challenging.

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Off to the beach I go!

by jed
Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
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Off to the beach I go!

I can be heard somewhere in our March issue (on page 48 to be exact, in our Happy Thoughts section) saying something along the lines, “This summer I’m not going anywhere near a beach—instead I’ll go to air-conditioned places where I can wear my new leather jacket, LOL!” Well I’m particularly fond of breaking my grand statements of never doing things, and so I went to the beach. For what it’s worth I did wear my leather jacket on the plane going there.

Along with some colleagues from the press, I was whisked away by the folks at Nivea to El Nido for a much needed mid-week vacation. We were invited to try out Nivea’s new Protect and Bronze sun spray, a natural tanning formula with SPF20, and #embracethesun.

At Lagen Island I was beyond excited to find out I’d be staying at a Water Cottage, one among a row of cabanas built on stilts, lining the boardwalk. In my room I can open the windows and see schools of fish swimming freely beneath my borrowed abode. Out on the porch situated above the water, one can marvel at the view of absolute serenity.

In theory, having to spend a good twenty or thirty minutes on a boat just to get to where lunch is being served is torture I’d rather not be subjected to. But in El Nido things are different. I didn’t mind living the countless Life of Pi episodes as I was surrounded by unrivaled, breathtaking gorgeousness—imagine a wildly psychedelic Peter Pilotto jacket melt into liquid, the seafoam pale yet undoubtedly green, and the cerulean waters crystalline, filling in vast expanses between majestic limestone formations.

Apart from the island hopping, on our itinerary were water sports, a smoothie workshop, and yoga lessons at 7 a.m. Alas no yoga for me, as I failed to wake up on time on all occasions. (In fact more than once I found myself making a mad dash to the clubhouse for a last minute attempt at a cup of yogurt for breakfast.) At night there were also samba lessons. The multi-talented among us shook their hips as instantaneously as the Brazillian percussions were sounded, while the comparatively meeker, including myself, were resigned to watching in awe and amusement.

Our last night in El Nido was nothing short of magical. Dinner was once again a sumptuous feast. I remember unabashedly frequenting the grilled seafood station, where the prawns were lightly seasoned and so perfectly cooked that you can almost still taste the ocean in their flesh. We sipped red wine and munched on roast beef, while watching fireworks being set off from what looked like the middle of the sea. Too bad I was far too exhausted to have witnessed people jumping into the pool at 3 a.m., by which time I had perhaps already been reminiscing about the great past few days that those were, in my dreams.

Photos courtesy of Belle Rodolfo and featured brands.

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My Weekend Getaway

by jed
Thursday, February 20th, 2014
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Jed's weekend getaway

Since January, when the temperatures in Manila were plummeting to a record low of 15°C, my friends Anthony and Rico and I had been talking about spending a delightfully cold weekend in Tagaytay. When Anthony’s mom heard about our plan—moved by our many charms and perhaps also knowing that an empty vacation home without a caretaker would make us miserable—she decided to foot the bill for our lodging and send us away with a driver to boot. What more can chill-seeking boys ask for?

On the day of our departure, over a lunch of coffee and tiny almond croissants, we talked about what we can do overnight. Looking back, our plans were wildly unrealistic, so I shall spare you details of our embarrassing ambitions. Finally after a long drive we arrived at our hotel, where at the lobby we were welcomed with a glass of fresh lemonade. We were then escorted to our room, a cozy space overlooking a sprawling landscape of pine trees and lush highland foliage.

To kill time before dinner, we played tennis sans ball boy, where the losing player would referee between sets. Though it pains me to recount that I couldn’t do a proper backhand (among other things) to save my life, I couldn’t nonetheless imagine a more enjoyable Saturday night spent elsewhere.

That evening I curled up in bed, watching a documentary on the Discovery channel. The riveting subject was Dominique Lanoise, a single mom from Miami who can’t undergo gastric bypass surgery due to complications that may arise from being morbidly obese. I dozed off with a personal pact to never eat again. (My phobia was immediately quashed the next day when, while admiring the exquisite view, we had Angus beef and local greens for lunch.)

The following morning, my friends had the audacious idea to take the vertiginous trek down to the lake, located at the far end of the resort club. I was told we can go boating, fishing, play mini-golf, or take a dip in the pool there.  Several miles downhill I realized I forgot my sunscreen—quelle horreur—and had to walk back. After fetching my sunscreen—it’s the new Nivea Sun maximum protection lotion with SPF 50 and collagen protection—I thought it to be a fantastic opportunity to run to the front desk and ask to be brought to that faraway lake via shuttle. I guess this is what you call a life hack.

Time flies and the next thing I know, we were Manila-bound, slightly tanner and fatter. On the way home we dropped by Café de Seoul along Taft, where I had their patbingsu, a Korean dessert of sugared red bean paste served over finely shaved ice and strawberry gelato. Outside, gray buildings obscuring the sunset stuck out like a cruel nudge that I’m back in the real world. But with a refreshing spoonful of my delicious sherbet, I really didn’t mind being back.

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