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Pinocchio’s Back!

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Monday, August 18th, 2014
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We all know the wooden little boy who came to life and whose nose grew with every lie he made. But ask yourself, when was the last time you saw him in action? Say bon giorno to the kid inside you and treat yourself to a magical, heartwarming take on the children’s classic (and a basic Italian lesson, too!). With its vibrant, interactive execution (make sure you know where Italy is on the map), and eye-catching costumes and sets (how Pinocchio’s nose grew is a mystery to us all), Repertory Philippines breathes life back into Pinocchio’s story, making it a fantastical yet realistic adventure for all of us. —Bianca Rañola, Candy Council of Cool 14

Catch Pinocchio at Onstage Theater, 2/F Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas cor. Legazpi Street,  Makati. For tickets or inquiries, visit or call TicketWorld at (02) 891-9999.

Kickin’ It

by guest
Sunday, August 17th, 2014
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What’s something new to try, will help you get active, and give you a bunch of new friends all at the same time? Last August 9, I figured out what that is at the launch of Loro in HMR Philippines, Sucat. Loro is the newest sports store in town, and it’s the first sports store that specifically caters to the sport rugby, giving us Filipinos a chance to get physical and hone our athletic skills.

Okay, first things first. Rugby Football is a lot like American Football (cue: The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights, etc.) with a slight difference in rules and without those bulky paddings and helmets that quarterbacks wear (oh hello, Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street).

Photo: Columbia Pictures

That being said, the game is full of tumbles, tackles, and throws all for the purpose of getting the ball past the other team’s goal. For us girls, it may sound a little too rough or intimidating, but I met a group of young ladies who think it’s a great way to have fun!

The Philippine Lady Volcanoes sashayed down the runway wearing their rugby shirts and carrying Loro sports equipment. The fashion show did not only showcase the equipment, but the team itself, who embodied camaraderie and friendship as they cheered each other on as they modeled. I was able to meet the team captain, Ada Milby, who told me all about their team. She said that most of the girls actually come from different sporting backgrounds from soccer to ice skating but were recruited to play rugby. Another thing? You can’t be too young or too old—the team even has players in their thirties, which means you can totally fulfill your dreams of competing in team sports even after you graduate from playing for your high school and university teams!

blog bianca

Want to try your hand at rugby? Head over to Loro, get your equipment, and start practicing! Who knows? You might just be the next member of the Philippine Lady Volcanoes! ;-)

Bianca M.
COC 14

Train Like a Champ

by guest
Saturday, August 16th, 2014
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RTC lo

Before anything else, I’d like to start off by saying I AM NOT AN ATHLETIC PERSON. I literally get drained from walking up a few flights of stairs! The Rexona Training Camp workout challenged me and inspired me to lead an active lifestyle.


Fellow Council of Cool girl, Emee, and I were lucky enough to attend the Rexona Training Camp launch last August 12. We did the 21-minute circuit training, which is very similar to Rexona brand ambassador Manny Pacquiao’s own training routine. Those 21 minutes seemed like an eternity with celebrity trainers Coach Rio of Runrio, Paolo Cabalfin of Focus Athletics, Erwin Tagle of Ultimate Fitness Manila, and Mariel Mercado and Dexter Pulid of 360 Fitness Club pushing us to go above and beyond our comfort zones. I am very proud to say that we finished the intense workout alongside superstar (and super cute) athletes Phil and James Younghusband! Not bad for a couch potato, huh?


After the program, I was able to meet THE Manny Pacquiao himself. The future hall of famer, first and only eight-division world champion boxer, congressman, and now PBA player and coach shared his winning philosophies and values that truly make him the ultimate embodiment of Rexona’s “Do More” campaign. He was such an exciting and charismatic presence to be around, and his ethics were truly inspiring. “To be the best, you have to train more,” Pacquiao said.

do more

Want to train like Manny? All you have to do is visit the Rexona Facebook page, click on the Rexona Training Camp tab, and fill up the forms needed to get a free training session from 30 of the top MMA and boxing gyms across the country. Trust me, the grilling yet fulfilling workout is definitely one to try!


Sam Labrador
Candy Council of Cool 14

Instax + DIY = FUN!

by guest
Friday, August 15th, 2014
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I have so many photos in my phone that I’d like to have printed out, but it just takes so much time and energy to move them to a flash drive and bring them to a photo kiosk. I do have a Polaroid camera to take memorable moments with, but as a photographer with a penchant for amazing scenery, it’s hard to expect a beautiful print out when I can’t see the photo beforehand and make sure it’s focused on what’s important. Thankfully, through the Instax DIY event, I found out about the Fujifim Instax Share. This portable printer is really amazing because you only have to connect your smartphone to it by Wifi and it produces a printed photo in less than 20 seconds. It works like a Polaroid too, you only have to insert some batteries and the film and you can print away with the Wifi and the Instax Share application.


With the help of Kerwin King, Ana Gonzales and the Instax Share ambassador, blogger Verniece Enciso, I learned so many tips and tricks for decorating my Polaroid photos. If not for the event, I would have never known that you could personalize them with washi tape and make memorable and adorable bookmarks. Now I know so much more now and I’m ready to use my newfound skills as I go to seek my Great Perhaps.

Pepper Limpoco, Council of Cool 14

Happiness in a Coke Bottle

by guest
Friday, August 1st, 2014
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We’ve heard about it, we’ve seen the videos and we’ve wanted to get our hands on our very own Coke bottle ever since. After years of waiting, Coca-Cola has finally brought the Share-a-Coke campaign to the Philippines! We can finally make our own Coke bottles and share them with our friends and family.

Last July 12, Coca-Cola hosted an event to invite everyone to Share-a-Coke with each other. It was an afternoon filled with laughter and fun as they presented various Coca-Cola products with personalized names, terms of endearment and group names highlighted through a fashion show with models clad in stylized Share-a-Coke shirts. Julia Montes, Joseph Marco and Enchong Dee also took part in the fashion show as the Coca-Cola Happiness Ambassadors.
The fashion show did not only showcase the Coke products but the models also enacted ways on how to share these Coke bottles with each other. You can share a Coke can to your crush that bears the word “Hottie” or you can say “I love you” to your mom by sharing a Coke can that bears the word “Love”. It makes it so much easier to express our feelings!
After the fashion show, Andy and I were allowed to make our own personalized Coke bottles at the Make your own Coke bottle counter. I was lucky enough to make two bottles, one with my name on it, and of course, one with “Candy” on it.
Here’s a Coke for you, Candymag! :)

Florian Sta. Maria, Council of Cool 14

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