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Of Great Loves and Timing

by guest
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
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Lessons from She’s Dating the Gangster
By Pepper Limpoco, Council of Cool 14


Going into the cinema, I expected what anyone would have expected from a Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla movie: a teen love story peppered with slow-mo moments of looking into each other’s eyes and cheesy quotable lines. Sure enough, the movie began with all their signature themes of a lovesick girl falling for a bad boy and hilarious characters that lead their getting together. But Cathy Garcia-Molina’s film doesn’t end there. The plot thickens by adding the heavier premise of the idea of ‘great love and the power of timing.’

As the film progresses, so does its depth. You come to realize that behind the cool backtrack into the time of paged messages, colorful bandanas and denim vests, there is a bitter truth in young and naive love. Mature themes permeate the cliché young love story and pushes you to really think about what it means to love someone. There will be light and wacky moments, but more importantly, there will be many scenes where you will find yourself uncontrollably sobbing.

Nevertheless, She’s Dating the Gangster does not fall short on the kilig factor and will still make you believe that ‘great loves’ do prevail in the end. The film contrasts two generations of teenage pop culture but emphasizes the similarity of a specific kind of strength and glory of love.

She’s Dating the Gangster will remind you what it means to take risks and sacrifice, if only to become an even greater love.

GIFs by Ayessa De La Pena (Click here for more!)

Hey, Dani Girl

by guest
Monday, July 21st, 2014
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Usually when I talk about musicals, it’s an incoherent mess of ASDFGHJKL, so I’m considering this my first attempt at fangirling using actual words. Amidst the motley of romanticized illness-centered stories lies Dani Girl, a musical that explores the world of cancer through the eyes of nine year-old leukemia patient Danica Lyons. The amazing two-act play follows Dani’s quest as she uncovers why cancer is. Entering the theater, I expected to be a sobbing mess when I walked out the doors again, but instead I found the story was able to both break my heart and mend it. The musical gracefully straddles the line between grief and bliss, subtly reminding its audience how in the grand scheme of things, however unfair our lot in life seems to be, we have a choice whether or not we let circumstances define us. —Samantha Yap, Candy Council of Cool 14

Dani Girl runs until July 27 at RCBC Plaza, Makati. For tickets, go to TicketWorld

Party Time!

by guest
Monday, July 14th, 2014
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Last July 5, Council of Cool girls Ian, Pepper, and I were lucky enough to attend Unleashed 2, a wet n’ wild college party (thanks again,!) in Megatent Opengrounds, Libis, Quezon City. Party-goers were able to dance the night away, absolutely free!


What a great night it was! The party was hosted by Boys Night Out’s DJ Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG, and other celebrities were spotted partying around the grounds as well. I even had my photo taken with funny guys Ramon Bautista, who said he wanted to be a Candy Cutie, and DJ Sam YG.

funny guys

Unleashed 2 definitely delivered a “wet n’ wild” night. They gave away water guns and stationed two fire trucks on-site, randomly hosing everyone down to make sure NO ONE went home dry. Want to post your photos on Instagram and Twitter right away? Not to worry, the SM Youth bus provided free Wi-Fi access. SM Youth also sold Boys Night Out x Tee Culture tees for those who wanted to dry off a little before heading home.


We were all in for a night of sick beats from our homegrown talents DJs Cherry Summer, Katsy Lee, Motherbasss, Marc Marasigan, Nix Damn P, MC Paolo, and Travis Monsod, with special performances by Aaron Atayde, Migs Santillan, and DJ C-Mart. To close off the night, DJs Mars Miranda and Ace Ramos gave us all a set to remember; it even started to rain in the middle of their set! Talk about intense!


The girls and I had a great time with our friends; we were able to meet and talk to some of the people behind the amazing event and got to experience the party from a different perspective. The people of were kind enough to let us stay in their booth to play some games and enjoy the party from there. We can’t wait for Unleashed 3!

Sam Labrador
Council of Cool 14

Tintin: Live in Fully Booked

by guest
Friday, July 11th, 2014
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tintin15 copy
If I could, I’d measure my life in afternoons spent idly browsing bookstore bookshelves in search for my latest obsession. My inner book nerd hyperventilates each time I see collectibles of my favorite stories and I just about had a panic attack when I saw the Tintin Shop at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street.

Andy, Erika, and I were greeted by “Tintin” tour guides that gave us a crash course on the adventures of the iconic comic book character and his author, Hergé. Growing up watching the cartoon series, I remembered the stories vaguely but seeing the items they had on display made me long to revisit each of Tintin’s tales.

tintin12 copy

tintin11 copy

After the tour we dropped by the (of course) Tintin-themed snack table then tried our luck playing the games so we could bring home more Tintin goodies. Our origami making skills were put to the test as we (successfully) tried to fold our own Snowy! We had a laugh with the ever-friendly and accommodating Fully Booked personnel who told us stories about everything ranging from Dr. Who to their own Tintin-esque adventures.

The shop had something for everyone, whether you’re a longtime fan or were just drawn in by the cuteness of Snowy, you definitely won’t resist (or regret) bringing home what they had on sale. Sure enough, the three of us ended the day by buying our own copies of the books available.

Sam Yap, Andy Flores & Erika Ty, COC 14
Photos by Andy Flores

An All-new Johnny Rockets Experience

by guest
Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
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If you love Lobster and Wagyu Beef as individual ingredients, you’ll probably love having these two ingredients put together in a single burger!

As a big fan of burgers, I was very excited to try out Johnny Rockets’ all-new Lobster Wagyu Burger. Served on a wooden board with fries and an extra lobster on the side, the first bite will keep you asking for more! The taste is unique and flavorful and the buns are grilled to perfection.


To add up to an amazing dining experience is the casual retro ambiance and a talented staff that is ready to perform song-and-dance numbers for you at the drop of a hat. They also offer exquisite gourmet offerings such as the Truffle Burger and the Surf and Turf, and a selection of creamy milkshakes and malts to wash it all down.

Another addition to their list of creamy milkshakes is the Wasabi Milkshake. It’s quite odd for some but the taste was actually very good. It’s creamy, thick and cold with a wasabi aftertaste. It’s something different and new that you might want to try out for yourself!

To try out the new Lobster Wagyu Burger and the Wasabi Milkshake, head to one of these Johnny Rockets branches in the Philippines: Tomas Morato Avenue, Eastwood Mall, Burgos Circle in Forbes Town Center, Alabang Town Center, East Wing of Shangri-la Mall and Subic Harbor in Olongapo! —Florian Sta. Maria, Council of Cool 14


Photos by Pepper Limpoco

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Of Great Loves and Timing

by: guest, 2014-07-23

Lessons from She’s Dating the Gangster By Pepper Limpoco, Council of Cool 14 Going into the cinema, I expected what anyone would have expected from a Kathryn Bernardo and...



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