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Be a Running Princess

by guest
Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
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Remember how you said you’d try to exercise more this summer? Here’s a totally fun way to do it! :D


The Etude House Princess Run is happening on May 25 at Bonifacio Global City. You can join the 3K, 5K (PhP 600), or 10K (PhP 800) categories. The registration fee covers a race kit with a singlet, race bib, and race map.

I know what you guys are thinking: what makes this different from all the other fun runs out there? Well, that’s what I thought, too. I’m very glad to say I was wrong! Those who enter the 3K category are encouraged to come in their favorite costumes—the more creative, the better! Etude House Pink Member Card holders also get 100 pesos off the registration fee and will receive cute tutus for the run. What’s a run without prizes? The top three male and female runners from each category will win goodies from Etude House and memberships to Gold’s Gym! Finishers also get passes to the Etude Pink Fair where they can enjoy the activities and booths with freebies and surprises in store.

The Etude House Princess Run also supports Lifeline Foundation’s One Chair, One Child campaign, which aims to provide school chairs to Typhoon Yolanda survivors, and YesPinoy Foundation, an organization that brings Filipinos together to support all sorts of advocacies and causes. I was able to talk to YesPinoy Foundation’s founder, local actor and celebrity, Ding Dong Dantes III about the run and here’s a little bit of our conversation:

photo 2
Sam: Congratulations, the run seems to be getting lots of hype! How do you feel about all of this?
Ding Dong: I feel very grateful that Etude House picked our foundation along with Lifeline; it’s nice to know someone believes in the uniqueness of what we stand for.

S: Will you be in cosplay for the run?
D: Well… pag may kumasya sa’kin na tutu, pero mukhang wala. I’m good with a pink shirt. Haha!

S: Since Etude House primarily caters to women, what would you say to your teen fans who are still on the fence about registering?
D: I think it takes one very attractive event to pull people together, and I believe this is one of them. Add a great cause in the mix and it becomes all the more inviting. With all these factors combined, I can assure everyone that it’s gonna be a fun event.

S: Will you be running with Marian?
D: Marian’s always been up for helping out and empowering women, so who knows, maybe she’ll be one of my co-runners!

photo 1

What are you waiting for? Start training for the race and get a chance to run with this cutie and get a nice endorphin rush!

See you at the starting line! B-)

Sam Labrador
Council of Cool 14

Style and Substance

by guest
Sunday, April 13th, 2014
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Who do we think we are? What do you care? Welcome to girl world, where people see us as they want to see us. In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions, they see us as a show-off, a brat, a goody-goody, and a gossipmonger. But with Pure Fashion—a faith-based program that encourages young women aged 14-18 to live, act, and dress in accordance with their dignity as children of God—us girls are given the opportunity to show the world our real selves. In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions, they will now be able to see us as a God confident steward, a graceful lady, a pure woman, and an authentic friend. (Shout-out to The Breakfast Club, best movie ever.)

photo 3

Last week, the Council of Cool attended the Impressions: Pure Fashion Show, where we saw for ourselves that youth groups aren’t simply about holding hands, sharing hugs, and singing worship songs. The models of Pure Fashion follow six virtues (among them are grace, authenticity, and modesty), and undergo a nine-month workshop designed to train them to become sophisticated young women. It was like watching a prequel to the Princess Diaries, only they didn’t need to inherit a kingdom to be a star. One important thing it made us realize: that a woman’s worth is not dictated by the number of boys she has dated, the number of followers she has on Instagram, or the number of shoes she owns; instead, a woman’s worth is based on how she lives a good life. It was something that really stuck—and something we know you’ll agree with us on.

photo 4

Pure Fashion shines the light on inner beauty and inspires girls to discover who they truly are, all in a fun, stylish package. Sounds like something you’d be into? Visit for details.


Bianca, Mika, Ian, COC 14

Wide-Eyed Wanderers

by guest
Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
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March 22 was an extra special day for wide-eyed wanderers at The Mind Museum. We were invited to an event celebrating the museum’s second  anniversary and we surely didn’t want to miss it. They surprised us with a competition where the first two groups to finish 15 activities get a prize, so we put our game faces on. After dealing with specialized soccer balls, solving CSI challenges, and losing gravity in a tunnel, we figured even students struggling in Chemistry can get into science for fun. We even won the challenge! Yep, we’ve got bragging rights. The best part is you can have your own science adventure this summer when they open their Junior Mind Movers classes this month.






03 Junior Mind Mover Program




Photos by Mika Reyes and courtesy of The Mind Museum

A Yum-Filled Day

by guest
Sunday, April 6th, 2014
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Jollibee has always been a part of our lives and one cannot deny that this fast-food chain is a favorite. Although it has evolved throughout the years with more meals and treats for us to enjoy, the classics will never fail to make us come back for more.


Last March 24, Jollibee officially introduced Julia Barretto as its newest endorser for the Jollibee Yumburger. Julia graced us with her charm as she performed a song and answered all our questions with a smile. “Saying yes to Jollibee was an easy choice, and one of the best choices I’ve made so far,” said Julia. According to the teen actress, she didn’t have to act for the ad videos—it was all natural! The way she is during the ad campaigns is the same when confronted with a Yumburger on a normal day.

01 Julia Barretto image2

Seeing Julia Barretto was definitely the highlight of the day but more than that, we really enjoyed the activities Jollibee had in store for us! We took various photos from different photo booth stations that had their own corresponding theme. At the end, both of us got scrapbooks filled with our photos. It was truly a fun langhap-sarap day!

image6 image5


See you in Jollibee! :)

Erika Ty and Alexa Ubaldo
Candy Council of Cool 14

A Break Much Needed

by guest
Sunday, March 30th, 2014
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There are some weeks when stress brought about by schoolwork and extra-curricular activities drains every single bit of my energy, and last week exemplified such description. It was finals (or should I say “hell”?) week, and the torture of brain-crushing exams was building up by the day. Exhausted and worried about what the rest of the week was going to bring, all I wanted was a break. Perhaps, see a good movie or play some games to get my vibes up again.

SM Bowling, SM Cinema, and SM Mall of Asia Arena

SM Bowling, SM Cinema, and SM Mall of Asia Arena

Timely enough, SM Lifestyle Entertainment Incorporated celebrated its involvement in the Filipino lifestyle, and Candy got to join in the fun. It was an afternoon of music, games, food, and freebies. e-Plus card (which you can use to pay for your SM purchases—think major shopping BFF!) holders also tapped their time away, gaining points and winning prizes. Erika, Emee, and I really enjoyed playing a game of bowling. We weren’t any good at it and we must’ve embarrassed ourselves, but hey, having a great laugh every once in a while is a great break in itself. :)




Andy, COC 14

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