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Getting In Line

by guest
Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
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When asked to describe the Line app in one word, third year college student Kat can’t help but say, “Amazing!” With over millions of active users nationwide, Line has definitely made its mark as smartphone GOLD for everyone from busy college students to

At the #LinePartyPh held last Friday at 71 Gramercy, celebrity Line Ambassadors Daniel Matsunaga, Yeng Constantino and Ellen Adarna shared why they love the new useful app. Yeng connects with her fans through Line app’s Voice Message function, Daniel plans fun gimmicks with friends using the Group Message feature, and Ellen shares her #feelz through Line’s unique quirky emoji collection!

Kat (the college student we interviewed) told us that the Video Call function is extra helpful especially on group projects! You can also track the latest news on your fave celebs and avail coupons of brands you love. The new “Shake It!” function also makes it easier for users to add friends. And if you were wondering, yes, Daniel danced to the beat of Taylor’s “Shake It Off” during the event and he was super cute.

Line is free on both Apple and Android products. May we also suggest downloading B612, their newest selfie app? You’ll definitely have a blast playing with its frames and filters!
Chiara Ocampo
Candy Council of Cool 15
P.S. Isn’t Brown (the brown bear) the cutest thing on earth?

Home Is an Animated Movie You Shouldn’t Miss

by guest
Monday, March 23rd, 2015
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Photo courtesy of Dreamworks Animation

Hey, Candy Girls! DreamWorks Animation is back with another movie that will surely win your hearts over.

H is for Happy Human Town

Captain Smek (Steve Martin), as the leader of the Boov, makes sure they are safe from their archenemy, Gorg. They decide to conquer the Earth, so all humans are relocated to Happy Human Town.

O is for Oh

Oh (Jim Parsons) is very friendly and fun-loving Boov. He tries so hard to reach out to others, but his so-called friends always avoid him.

M is for making mistakes

Only wanting to fit in, Oh plans a housewarming party for his neighbors. He accidentally hits the “send all” button, inviting everyone in the universe, even Gorg! No Boov is pleased with him and his mistake, so Oh finds himself running away.

E is for exciting adventures

Oh meets Tip (Rihanna), a girl who lives with Pig, her pet cat. She’s on a mission to find a way back to her mom, Lucy (Jennifer Lopez). Oh offers to help and tag along. Along their journey, they argue a little, show off some dance moves, and share lots of heartwarming moments. Despite being from different worlds, they work through their differences and learn lessons from each other about family and friendship.

P.S. I got to take a picture with Oh at the movie screening!


Catch Home on the big screen starting March 26, Thursday.

Coleen Pascual
Candy Council of Cool 15

Potato Party

by guest
Saturday, March 21st, 2015
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Craving for something salty? The Philippines’ leading manufacturer in snacks and Japan’s No. 1 potato chips joined forces to create a revolutionary line of products—Jack ‘n Jill Calbee! The pop-up store, the very first in the country, opened in Glorietta 2 last March 13, 2015.


The impressive Japanese dance performances highlighted a variety of flavors and products. Three new product lines were introduced: Pizza Potato, Potato Chips, and Jagabee Potato Fries.


Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips come in three different flavors: Classic Salted, Cheddar and Sour Cream, and Wasabi.

Go simple and minimalist without sacrificing quality with Classic Salted. The perfect companion for movie nights and barkada outings is definitely Cheddar and Sour Cream, with its yummy cheesiness that delights your taste buds. Need something to keep you awake during those sleepless nights studying? Wasabi won’t fail you.


Catch the #bestopotato experience on the following dates and venues:
March 21-22 Eastwood
March 28-29 Alabang Town Center
April 18-19 Bonifacio Global City

Follow them on Facebook for more deets! :)

—Mona Martinez
Council of Cool 15

Swimming the Speedo Way

by guest
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
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A lot of hype surrounds sneakers nowadays—athletes use it for their games, runners use it for their races, and others use it for fashion. These sneakers are both functional and stylish at the same time. But what if you’re a competitive swimmer or a beach lover getting ready for summer? Worry not because Speedo’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection combines style and functionality in their pieces, which they showcased last February 18 at the Glorietta Activity Center.

lores 5

Speedo caters to all swimming enthusiasts—may it be for competitions, fun, fitness or health. The SS 2015 collection highlights the use of different prints, graphics, and color combinations in their swimwear. The Competitive Collection, with its high-stretch fabrics, is perfect for all swimmers who are gearing up for their races. The Play and Fun Collection, with its onesies, bikinis, and tankinis, is perfect for people who are planning to go to the beach and flaunt their style.

lores 2

The Fitness Collection, with its Pinnacle Kickback and Pinnacle V Jammer, boasts of additional compression panels for a tighter feel that helps engage core muscles. The Speedo Sculpture Collection is perfect for those who want to shape up and highlight their curves naturally.

lores 15

So whether you swim to compete, to have fun, or to stay fit and healthy, Speedo has the right swimwear for you. Visit their store and get one (or two or more) of their fun and vibrant Spring/Summer 2015 collection!

lores 7

Tricia Quintero, Candy Council of Cool 15

Now Brewing: Coffee at J.Co

by guest
Thursday, February 26th, 2015
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What do you drink a cup of coffee for? Productivity? Relaxation? Creativity? It can be for a lot of things, but Maxene Magalona, J.Co’s newest brand ambassador, looks for warmth and energy in her cup of coffee to help her get through her days.

She shared during the JCoffee Media Launch at Glorietta 2 last February 18 that a cup of her favorite JCoccino, JCoffee’s take on cappuccino, helps jumpstart and fuel her throughout the day. What she likes best about JCoffee is the variety of its flavors. They even made a counterpart of the Avocado Dicaprio donut – the Avocado-flavored coffee.

JCoffee takes pride from their hand-picked Indonesia-grown Arabica beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi which they use in brewing their coffee. They also boast of their skillful and creative Coffee Experts who not only can brew your coffee to perfection, but can also make it aesthetically-pleasing by decorating it through latte art. I personally saw how these coffee experts create those cute designs when they did a demo right in front of us. It not only tastes delicious, it also looks beautiful!
So head to the nearest J.Co store (or their soon-to-be-opened lifestyle cafe at Forbes Town Center) and get a lovely combination of freshly-brewed coffee and delectable donuts, like Maxene’s favorite combo, the JCoccino with the Alcapone donut or my combo, Avocado coffee and Tiramisu donut.

Riana Lago and Tricia Quintero
Council of Cool 15

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