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Up-and-coming actress Amanda Leighton from The Fosters and The Young and the Restless let her “inner old lady” out in our August issue. Here, some more from our exclusive interview with her.

What was your favorite Disney movie as a kid?
All of them! I loved The Little Mermaid the most.

What’s one trend from the past you want to bring back?
I love the pinup look from the ‘50s and the grunge trend in the ‘90s. Classic and grunge—it’s the best of both worlds.

What’s your favorite Instagram filter?
Inkwell. Black and white photos are my favorite.

Let’s say you could invite a few of your favorite artists who have already passed away to a fancy dinner. Who would be on the guest list?
Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, and James Dean. I also think Heath Ledger would be entertaining. We would eat at The Brown Derby, which was all the rage during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Sushi would be on the menu because I love it and it would be fun to see these people eat it. Haha!


Photo by Russell Baer

Photo by Russell Baer

In the movie, your character is looking for his sibling in the middle of a super storm. What else can you tell us about Trey and his motivations?

That’s definitely Trey’s main motivation. He’s basically battling through this endless torrent of carnage with his dad to reach his brother, Donnie. I’m trying not to give too much away here, but Trey is at least partially at fault for putting his brother in danger, so there’s also that element of guilt that drives him to go looking for Donnie. Trey starts out very immature, kind of the black sheep of the family, but in the course of the movie, he is forced to take on a lot of responsibility, which brings about a lot of change!


The movie also features storm chasers who go, well, into the storm while everyone’s evacuating. What’s the most YOLO thing you’ve done this year?

To kick off the year, my brothers and I went on a road trip up the West Coast. Within about 10 days, we pretty much went from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. We didn’t do toooo much risky stuff, but it was definitely something we had never done before, and most likely won’t be able to do again. Now that they’re finishing up college, we’re all starting our professional lives and probably won’t have time to do it again. And that’s super depressing, which is why I’m extremely happy we did it when we had the chance!


Typhoons are pretty common here in the Philippines, and most people have a story about being stranded or even swimming to safety during a typhoon. Have you ever experienced anything like that during a natural calamity?

Here in California, the most common natural event we face is earthquakes, and even then, it’s not that frequent. However there have been several in the last few months, the first of which was close enough to wake me up in the middle of the night. I’m a seriously heavy sleeper, so no earthquake has ever done that before. It was really scary because there’s no warning and it’s so disorienting! One minute you’re off in some dream and suddenly your bed is shaking, the house is creaking, stuff is falling off the walls, and a never-ending roll of thunder is going off outside. Fortunately it wasn’t enough to do any real damage, but I also learned that I am SO unprepared. I totally froze! I just sat still and waited for it to be over. I didn’t do a single thing you’re supposed to do in an earthquake. So it’s inspired me to do more to be prepared in that way.


How so? What would you put in your disaster kit?

I think the rule is to have everything you need to survive for 72 hours: food, water, and shelter. But these days I think a really important thing that we take for granted is a way to charge our electronics. So I’d add a solar cell to give my phone some juice if the power goes out!


And who would be the first three people you’d call to check if they’re safe?

Number one is definitely my girlfriend. We live pretty close to each other, so if something bad was happening near her, I could go help out. And I guess my parents count as two, so they’d round out the list!


Into the Storm is now showing in cinemas.

Seriously, Go See Guardians of the Galaxy

by dyan
Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
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It’s not every day that a major studio rolls out a superhero movie that doesn’t feel like any other superhero movie, one that’s hilarious (and I mean shaking-in-your-seat hilarious) but emotionally satisfying, awe-inspiring but not alienating, and fast-paced but so smooth you barely notice the bumps. Watch with your parents for the throwback references (and free tix, natch), your fangirl friend for the pop culture Easter eggs, your musically inclined bestie for the catchy soundtrack, your guy buds for the sleek action, or just by yourself for the sheer joy of it. I know I will, for my second viewing.

Here’s the trailer in LEGO form (because Guardians leader Chris Pratt voiced Emmet from The LEGO Movie and because people on the Internet have a lot of time and imagination).

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios/IMAX

Photo by Logan Cole Photography

Photo by Logan Cole Photography

Debby Ryan’s band, The Never Ending, has just dropped their debut album called One. Here, the star of Jessie gets candid about recording the album, working with the guys, and going against the flow.

Tell us about One.

“People have been describing it as indie rock with a little bit of blues and retro pop. Of the nine songs, I wrote a few by myself and a few with the guys.”



What’s it really like to record in a studio? Is it as glamorous as we think it is?

“I would say the most glamorous thing would be the luxury of having all the equipment at your fingertips. You’re able to write in the moment and play at any time. Most of us live in condos and apartments so it’s nice to be able to record at any time of the day and not bother your neighbors! It’s a massive playground where you can sing and make great music. As for the unglamorous part, when you’re in a recording studio for hours with five guys, it starts to smell like Thai food. JK!”

A sampler of One

The band released the album independently. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

“We’re all learning a lot as we go along. It’s verrry expensive to make an album. Record labels have a tremendous amount of resources to make sales and get radio play. No matter how good my music is, it can’t make the charts if the word isn’t out and people can’t buy it. I have to rely heavily on my amazing fans to spread the word.

On the other hand, the advantage is that I can truly express myself creatively. I can do things on my own timeline and do them my way. My popular image is different from who I am creatively, and record labels want sales so they want to build on that. To keep my voice and stay true to myself creatively, I decided to release the record independently. Besides I like doing things on my own and going against the status (quo).”

“Mulholland Drive” from One


The Never Ending consists of singer-songwriter Debby Ryan, drummer Johnny Franco, guitarists Kyle Moore and Carman Kubanda, bassist Edwin Carranza, and keyboardist Harry Allen. One is now available on iTunes.


How Positive Thinking Led Me to Taylor Swift

by dyan
Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
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Photos by MMI

Photos by MMI

Who knew that positive thinking could be so powerful? When we found out that Taylor Swift tickets were sold out back in February, I gave up all hope of seeing her. But there was something in the next few months that had me The Secret-ing things like Wanderland tickets and convenient photo shoot dates. So I thought, it wouldn’t hurt to wish for T-Swift tickets, would it?

Cut to one afternoon at work, Candy EIC Marla was waiting for me at my desk. “I have something for you,” she says. “Boys?” It’s Candy Cuties season for us after all. “Better,” she says and hands me her phone so I can read a text message. Keds was giving us one VIP ticket to Taylor’s concert, which Marla was giving to me because she had a Coron trip planned around the same time! WHAT. I mean, WHAT. Positive thinking FTW!

By some twist of fate and some more positive thinking, a few girls from the Candy team ended up going as well. I had on some red lipstick from fashion and beauty gurl Erin, and my Keds sneakers from Marla (she’s seriously the most generous boss ever), and I was ready for the feels. The girls and I were in different sections, but it didn’t matter—we were breathing the same air as Taylor!

Photo by Erin Torrejon

Photo by Erin Torrejon

Erin and I ended up standing right beside the platform, just a few feet away from Taylor whenever she wandered to our area. She was perfection. Her energy was infectious, her dance moves were adorably awkward, and her fashion and beauty game were A+. We couldn’t help but notice that her winged liner stayed put all night long—seriously, that girl does not sweat. And I love that she really made it a point to go around the stage, giving everyone a chance to see her up close. When she sang “All Too Well,” my favorite, she was all the way in the back of the stage, and I stood on my wobbly tippy toes to see her infamous headbanging. WORTH. IT.

Lesson learned: you really get what you give. Positivity trumps negativity, always. <13


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#Throwback Talk with Amanda Leighton from The Fosters

by: dyan, 2014-08-21

Up-and-coming actress Amanda Leighton from The Fosters and The Young and the Restless let her “inner old lady” out in our August issue. Here, some more from our exclusive...



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