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Slippers of the Day

by dyan
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
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Here’s a cool Christmas gift idea for your island-hopping, festival-loving friends (or yourself!): Havaianas recently teamed up with local designer Francis Libiran for a limited edition collection that’s just begging for a trip to the beach. Choose your favorite pair below!


Tita of Manila

by dyan
Saturday, November 1st, 2014
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In two days, I’ll be turning 26, one step closer to becoming a full-fledged member of the #TitasofManila. Oh, who am I kidding—I am a tita of Manila! My tita habits include going home early to relax and watch my shows, packing my weekend with daytime activities, and basically treating myself right. Last Saturday was the height of my tita-ism: I was up at 6 am to catch up with friends over breakfast at Salcedo Market, where I bought my very first plant which is coincidentally “unkillable.” Then I headed to the Sola Musica book launch of four amazing Summit authors, including Candy EIC Marla. (I’m not a regular tita, I’m a cool tita!) Around 3 pm, I found myself shopping for lettuce and secondhand books at Muni Market in Capitol Commons, and by 6pm I was in bed, napping to recharge for a night of binge-watching. #YOLO.

But hey, that SNL bit has a ring of truth. “You only live once, that’s the motto, so take a chill pill and ease off the throttle… Just take our advice and hide and scream YOLO to the sky: You Oughta Look Out.”

Peace out.

We Love Our Bread, We Love Our Butter…

by dyan
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
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But most of all, we love each other. That’s the quote from TV show Madeline that has stayed with me through the years, combining all my favorite things and reminding me of those 12 little girls in two straight lines.

“In two straight lines, they broke their bread”—aaand we’re back to my obsession. My friends know how much I love bread that they’ve dubbed me “Dyan Valdyan” because if I were to go to jail, they say it would be for stealing bread!

Kidding aside, all this bread talk brings me to Gardenia’s Next Big Sandwich Hit, a sandwich-making competition that took place last weekend. It’s amazing how the participants shook things up and created edible art that you can even DIY at home.


Healthy Box Sandwich from La Consolacion College, first runner-up


Tuna and Shrimp Tempura Overload Sandwich from Philippine Women’s University, second runner-up


Pan Fusionado Sandwich from National University, grand prize winner


Yum! Baon inspiration, anyone?


Photos courtesy of Gardenia. 

After stealing the show in Blended, Bella Thorne will soon be shaking it up in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day as Alexander’s older brother’s girlfriend. Here, she talks about her character, cast mates, and the worst day of her life.

What advice would you give your character, Celia, if you had the chance? I would tell her to relax. Let people be who they are and don’t try to change them.

What was the best part about shooting this film? I enjoyed working with my younger cast mates. It was great fun to be around people my own age.

How does the theme of family play out in the film? It’s a good moral lesson. We see how we should come together in times of crisis.

Describe a bad day in your own life and how you turned it around. My father died and that was the worst day of my life. It made me learn how to enjoy life every day without so much emphasis on what isn’t perfect. I learned to look at the beauty of each day.

What qualities do you look for in a good day? I generally think every day is good when I wake up and have my family.


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day opens October 15!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day opens October 15!

The Little Things

by dyan
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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Today I told myself that I’d work out in the morning and I actually did. Today I had a cream cheese pastry and brewed coffee for breakfast. Today I danced to The Vamps while getting ready for work. Today I got to the Candy HQ on time—with 10 minutes to spare! Today the lunch I prepared went bad, but it gave me an excuse to try the cordon bleu at our office pantry, which was pretty good. Today has been a good day so far.

What are you thankful for today? :)

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