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It’s Recess Time!

by angel
Thursday, April 24th, 2014
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It’s mid-morning on a school day. You’re sitting in the classroom, trying desperately to keep your eyes open. Your stomach is grumbling because it’s been hours since your first meal (or perhaps you didn’t have breakfast at all). You glance at the clock above the blackboard, watching the seconds tick by as if in slow motion. And finally, after what seems like hours of waiting, you hear the sweet ringing of the school bell. It’s recess time!!!

lo IMG_8619

Recess by Chef Chris perfectly captures that sweet, joyful feeling of excitement and freedom one feels when recess time rolls around. (It’s your favorite subject, admit it!) When the Candy Team and I entered the restaurant for the first time, we were transported back to our school days. Each detail was carefully planned, from the wooden chairs that resemble school desks, a ceiling that showcases the periodic table of elements, and the lockers, blackboards, and bookshelves scattered around the area.

lo IMG_8621
lo locker set

But the real winner here is the food! The Recess Original rolled pizzas by Chef Chris come with a specially made dough and new toppings to choose from. Simply garnish with arugula and alfalfa and you’re good to go!

lo IMG_8626

Another must-try? The Spaghetti Fra Diavolo with meatballs made of 50% beef and 50% bacon. Yum!

lo IMG_8633

Certified meat lovers will feel perfectly stuffed with this double Angus burger with a side of fries.

lo IMG_8639

For dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with the Pavlova, a light meringue dessert with fresh fruits and almond flakes.

lo IMG_8643

Recess by Chef Chris is located at 50 Jupiter St., Bel Air, Makati. Log on to for more details.

The happy foodie,
Angel O:)

Photos by Macy Alcaraz

A Taste of Tokyo

by angel
Friday, March 28th, 2014
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Konnichiwa, Candy Girls!

Have you ever looked forward to visiting a place so much, and then when you got there, it exceeded all your expectations? That’s how I felt when I visited Japan for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the city’s organized chaos, the mix of modern skyscrapers and ancient temples, their rich heritage and culture, and most especially, THE FOOD! Everything I tasted was heaven on my lips. Let me share some of them with you.

Breakfast: Sushi at Tsukiji Market
We got up early on the morning of my sister’s birthday to have a sumptuous sushi breakfast at Tsukiji market, where the hole-in-the-wall restaurants serve only the freshest sushi. The lines were super long but it was definitely worth the wait! (Please excuse my bagong gising look.)

The sushi chef assembles the sushi right in front of you and drops it straight to your plate.
sushi photo 1

These authentic Japanese sushi are all very simple (not a lot of extra ingredients) but extremely fresh and flavorful. We loved it so much that we went back a few days later!
sushi photo 2

Lunch: Ramen at Tokyo Skytree
When we visited the Tokyo Skytree, we had some delicious ramen at the food court.

It tasted just as yummy as the ramen they serve in Manila’s best ramen places!
noodles photo 4

Dessert: Cheesecakes at the Cheese Garden
Cheesecake aficionados will love this spread at the Cheese Garden in Tokyo Skytree. #thisiswhyimfat
cheese garden

Snack: Gelatos at Disney Sea
After walking around the whole day and going through the different rides, we developed a craving for something cool, sweet, and creamy.
disney gelato

Dinner: Tempura, Gyoza, and Yakitori at Ginza
This unique tempura from one of the restaurants in Ginza was sweet and crunchy.

The gyozas were huge—twice as big as the gyozas we have here!
gyoza yakitori

Palate Cleanser: Iced Green Tea
I’m a big fan of all things green tea, so I just had to stop and try this.
green tea

Take Home: Assorted Snacks
We stopped at different convenience stores every chance we got so by the end of our trip, we had a whole luggage full of Japanese goodies!
goodies photo 9

I guess you can say it was one of the most memorable and filling trips I’ve ever had. I will most definitely be back!

Angel O:)

P.S. Check out some of the places I visited in Candy‘s March 2014 issue (page 38).

Bruno Mars: The Philanthropist

by angel
Friday, March 21st, 2014
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BM3 copy

Just this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of half-Pinoy pop superstar Bruno Mars. He wasn’t singing his hits or busting out some dance moves. Instead, he was giving a check for $100,000 (that’s about 4.5 million pesos!) to ABS-CBN Foundation’s Bantay Bata 163. The money will be used to help children who lost their homes and families after the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda. Way to go, Bruno! :D


Are you watching his concert at the Arena tomorrow? I wish I could but tickets were sold out fast! I guess I’ll just be listening to his album on loop tomorrow night. :(( :musicnotes:

BM1 copy lores

Wishing for a miraculous gift of free tickets,

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Happy Weekend

by angel
Monday, January 27th, 2014
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Happy Monday, Candy Girls and Guys!

Don’t you just wish the weekend could last a little longer? Here are some things that made mine extra special:

Watched the movie Bride For Rent with Dyan and Ayessa last Friday night. It was hilarious! I just love Kim and Xian together. So many feels!

My guy and I prepared a yummy, healthy lunch of sweet and sour shrimp and salad last Saturday…
photo 3

…but we had to have our dessert too, of course! This delish chocolate bar from Sam did the trick!
photo 1

On Sunday morning, I ran 10-K at the Anawim fun run in Pasig with my college friends, then had breakfast at Milky and Sunny.
photo 4

Gotta give the footsies some well-deserved TLC with these products from The Body Shop. Perfect after a long run!
photo 2

And in the evening, I had a blast bonding with my nieces and cousins at a family gathering. Aren’t they adorbs?
photo 5

It’s always fun spending time with my big, wacky, wonderful family! (Photo courtesy of my Ninong Frank)
mejia clan 2014

It almost made me wish the weekend didn’t have to end… But hey, there’s always next weekend—and it’s a long one, too. No school/work on Friday! Woohoo! What are your plans?

Have an awesome week! :)

Angel O:)

My 2014 Reading List

by angel
Saturday, January 18th, 2014
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Ever since I got my new e-reader last Christmas, I’ve been holing up in my room and just reading. The Kobo Glo from National Bookstore is such a great buy for bookworms—it has a backlight so you can read in the dark without hurting your eyes and bothering other people in the room with you, and you can store tons of e-books with its 2GB storage (expandable to 32GB MicroSD). Plus, the bright red color of my Kobo just makes me want to read more! Haha!


Here are some of the books on my reading list:

The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan
I’m a huge fan of different types of series (my current favorites: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and The Hunger Games) and this one’s next on my list. I’ve already read the first two. Can’t wait to read the next three!

Percy Jackson_2_Yup

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth
Another dystopian series that’s been compared to The Hunger Games. I’ve started reading the first book and I’m hooked! I hope to finish this before the movie comes out in March.


Attachments and other books by Rainbow Rowell
I’ve been hearing a lot about author Rainbow Rowell and her books. Former Candy EIC Ines says she loved Attachments so much that she even tweeted the author.


The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
Two best friends get into two different schools—one for Disney princesses and another for villains. A friend recommended this to me and the plot intrigued me.


The Cuckoo’s Calling by J.K. Rowling (aka Robert Galbraith)
A crime fiction novel by one of my favorite authors—I’m there!


Can you recommend other great books I can read this year? Anybody want to start a book club?

Bookworms, unite!
Angel O:)

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It's Recess Time!

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It's mid-morning on a school day. You're sitting in the classroom, trying desperately to keep your eyes open. Your stomach is grumbling because it's been hours since your first meal...



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