Cutie Overload

by kaye
June 4th, 2014
Posted in Love |

Guess who’s in charge of rounding up this year’s batch of Candy Cuties?

My friends have been rolling their eyes at my exhaustion. “You literally look for cute boys for a living,” they like to point out. “What could be the problem?” The problem is that they’ve all been way, way, way too young for me (perfect for you guys, though!) and at least five of them have already “po”-ed me.

Po!!! On the one hand, it’s totally respectful and I dig respectful guys (as should all of you ) but on the other hand… way to make me feel old, man. I suppose in retrospect, I should be thanking my lucky stars that nobody’s called me “tita” yet but here’s my list of (more appropriate for my advanced age) cuties that I wish would walk into my door for judgment and deliberation:

1. Stephen Amell


Confession: I may or may not have picked up Arrow again just to watch Oliver Queen work out because Tumblr made me ship Olicity.

2. Colton Haynes

Anybody else wishing that they got to finish telling us Jackson’s back story before Colton signed on for Arrow?

3. Chris Evans

I’m particularly partial to the clean-cut Captain America version of himself.

4. Grant Gustin

I’m not really a fan of DC or The Flash but let’s face it, I’m easily swayed by the power of a pretty face.

5. Dylan O’Brien

I could probably write an entire essay about how much I love and adore him. Are you impatiently waiting for The Maze Runner and Teen Wolf season 4 like I am?

Who’s your cutie? Let me know in the comments! :)

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