A Break Much Needed

by guest
March 30th, 2014
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There are some weeks when stress brought about by schoolwork and extra-curricular activities drains every single bit of my energy, and last week exemplified such description. It was finals (or should I say “hell”?) week, and the torture of brain-crushing exams was building up by the day. Exhausted and worried about what the rest of the week was going to bring, all I wanted was a break. Perhaps, see a good movie or play some games to get my vibes up again.

SM Bowling, SM Cinema, and SM Mall of Asia Arena

SM Bowling, SM Cinema, and SM Mall of Asia Arena

Timely enough, SM Lifestyle Entertainment Incorporated celebrated its involvement in the Filipino lifestyle, and Candy got to join in the fun. It was an afternoon of music, games, food, and freebies. e-Plus card (which you can use to pay for your SM purchases—think major shopping BFF!) holders also tapped their time away, gaining points and winning prizes. Erika, Emee, and I really enjoyed playing a game of bowling. We weren’t any good at it and we must’ve embarrassed ourselves, but hey, having a great laugh every once in a while is a great break in itself. :)




Andy, COC 14

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