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by kaye
December 9th, 2013
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5 Things You Should Probably Know About Candy’s New Editorial Assistant

5. My name is Kaye, which is short for Kathleen Anne. My dad named me after some British beauty queen from the 1980s. Kinda hard to live up to but I’m tall, which I figure should be enough.

4. I’m a proud momma to two adorable rabbits, Steve and Tony Rogers-Stark. They’re not particularly affectionate to me, nor are they capable of any cool tricks (unlike my cousin’s rabbits, who actually go back into their cage every time they want to do their business) but I still can’t help but gush about their adorableness to anybody who listens.



3. I eat a LOT. Rumors of my ability to finish a whole cake in just one sitting have been greatly exaggerated, but I don’t deny that I was once sad enough to eat an entire pizza. Sometimes I even get a little cranky when I have to delay my meals (an emotion I call ‘hanger,’ ie: my hunger is making me really angry). I would actually feel prouder of my gastronomical accomplishments if I was actually able to summon the willpower to burn the calories!

2. It’s a little hard to gush about my favorite shows because I can’t seem to find people who watch the same things I do! I’ve given up watching Doctor Who (much to Dyan’s chagrin, haha!) because I don’t really like Steven Moffat as a showrunner. I’ll probably watch BBC’s Sherlock when it goes back on air but these days I prefer Elementary because Jonny Lee Miller’s Holmes is less of a jerk than Benedict Cumberbatch’s (and Lucy Liu is flawless). Aside from that, I love Game of Thrones, Miranda, Sleepy Hollow, and Teen Wolf.

1. While I do love to write, I’ve never once considered working in publishing.  After graduating with a degree in European Studies back in 2011, I taught Asian History to a bunch of high school sophomores (seniors now!), and eventually ended up in law school a year later. I left after it was determined that I couldn’t cope with the rigors of the study. Sometimes it scares me that I’m not settled into a career like a lot of my batchmates but in my short teaching stint, I learned that nothing makes me happier than helping girls through the ups and downs of growing up and making them realize just how awesome they truly are. What better place to do it than here?

Besides, I've always wanted to see my name in print!

Besides, I’ve always wanted to see my name in print!

Until next time, Candy girls!


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  1. joanne

    I own a cosplay shop here in Davao ;)

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