What We Do to Stay Fit: 3 Easy Ideas

by marla
June 14th, 2013
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I’m no hardcore athlete (volleyball classes in high school were the worrrst, and don’t even get me started on that one time I attempted basketball…), and I’m certainly no fitness expert. But lately I’ve been coming to terms with the importance of staying healthy—if the consequences of all my teenaged junk food binges and strict instant ramen diets were to catch up with me, I’d rather they do it later than sooner. So I’ve been making better choices: sleeping earlier, learning to say no to that big bag of barbecue potato chips, eating more vegetables and good grains, cutting down on coffee and alcohol, and finally getting some exercise. And it’s such a cliche but it has made such a huge difference; these days I feel happier, more creative, more alert, more energized, and better equipped to fully reap life’s little rewards.

I know trying to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle when you’ve been a couch potato and/or fast food junkie since you were in pigtails can be a bit daunting, so here are three easy ideas that won’t scare you silly. They’ve worked for me, the laziest, most physically unmotivated girl in the world, which means they’ll probably work for you, too.

1. Find running shoes you love.
Skechers GOrun2 BlackHotPink
I make sure I do treadmill time at least once a week—a quick 30-minute jog already makes me work up a good sweat, and sometimes the Candy Girls and I bond over a run after work. New habits are hard to form, though, and the temptation to just lie in bed all morning or dive into my Smash episodes before crashing into bed remains strong. But every time I see my adorable black and pink shoes (they’re Skechers GOrun2, and seriously light and comfy!), a workout doesn’t seem like such an enormous sacrifice—just an excuse to wear cute kicks.

2. Have a go-to healthy snack.
A midnight cheeseburger and hot fudge sundae will always seem like a good idea…until it isn’t. I always get hungry when I’m writing late at night, so recently I’ve been keeping fruits and healthy sweets in my fridge. This particular snack is my favorite, and super easy to boot: just slice an apple, spread peanut butter, and top with granola (I like Quaker Oats’ Natural Fruit Mix). You can eat this for breakfast, too.

3. Update your workout playlist regularly.
I always make an effort to approach working out not as a chore, but as a happy, Me Time activity. Great music definitely helps; think of your favorite workout songs as your constant exercise buddies. “Midnight City” and “American Blood” are mainstays, and these days I’m obsessed with this heart- and spirit-pumper by Sleigh Bells. I always feel like it’s cheering me on somehow!

How do YOU keep fit? :-)


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