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You’re probably not very interested, but just in case you’re interested…

1. Ian Somerhalder
2. What being a hipster really entails
3. The subtle differences between “artsy,” “happening,” and “hipster”
4. Our zodiac signs, and why our hearts harden a little bit every time our monthly horoscopes lie to us
5. Celebs who are dating and breaking up
6. Non-celebs who are dating and breaking up
7. Food (usually while consuming food)
8. Paul Wesley
9. Why we don’t really need another pair of shoes
10. Why we really, really need another pair of shoes
11. Nail polish, and whether or not we’ll ever be comfortable enough to paint each other’s toenails. In the office. With cleaning.
12. “Did you see ________’s tweet?!”
13. Food (recently, GoNuts Donuts’ #CookieButterDonut, which we still lie awake thinking about at night)
14. Candy Crush
15. Serious stuff, too. Sometimes.

*Because 150 things, in celebration of our 150th issue (#Happy150Candy) would have taken a couple of days to list, and we just can’t afford to use up that much time—not when we’re busy planning more amazing issues for you! ;-)


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2 Responses to “What We Talk About When We’re Not Working: 15 Things*”

  1. Christine Rhea

    Hi to you my inspiration, please tell me you’re there :( Im so down this past few days, I made your picture as my screensaver for me to feel better. :( I admire you a lot. Take a look of my own poem, you’re my inspiration while doing my poem 2years ago :

    Thank youuu! hope you appreciate it! :*<3

  2. | Candy Blog » Blog Archive » What’s Always On Our Minds: Food

    [...] A: Marla’s post about what we talk about during breaks. And I quote: “Food (usually while consuming [...]

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