As your ever-dependable fashion & beauty boy on duty, I am often compelled by the moral obligation to be more outgoing not only in matters of fashion (for that please search #jedcandyootd on Instagram for your entertainment), but of course beauty as well. So last week, I went to Mon Pallera at Azta Urban Salon to get my hair dyed—*drumroll*—gray!

I have dutifully documented my hair makeover below for those of you who might be interested in trying out a light hair color.

1 pre-color

fig 1. Me, before it all happened

2 bleach

fig 2. Left: my hair at first bleaching; right: second bleaching

To achieve the color (or lack of it) I wanted, my hair had to be bleached twice. After two rounds of bleaching, I was Dragon Ball Z-levels blonde!

3 blonde

fig 3. A brief period of blondeness

4 ash dye

fig 4. Final step: The gray dye is in


fig 5. Before… After! How do I look?

What do you think? I love how it turned out!

It’s funny how this past week, I’ve been asked countless times if bleaching is painful. The simple answer to that is yes, it hurts! But I think we all have different thresholds for pain, and some people are generally whinier than others. Bleaching stings but it doesn’t compare to, say, a nightmarish toothache.

Dryness is also a natural consequence of bleaching. Now as hair care regimen, I use L’Occitane’s repairing shampoo, which is mild and has five essential oils that help repair chemically-treated hair. At night I massage a few drops of Snoe’s 100% pure argan oil on my hair and scalp as an overnight moisturizing treatment. In the morning before going out, I use Hortaleza Professional’s Luminux hair varnish fluid gel (which has vitamin E and sunscreen) just to make my hair generally more manageable; otherwise it tends to be frizzy and stiff when left on its own.

I’ll be back to Azta in about a month and a half’s time for my retouch. Until then, prodigious hair care is in order!

Are you contemplating on a hair makeover this long weekend? Tell me about it!


Azta has branches in Robinsons Pioneer, SM San Lazaro, Eastwood, Katipunan, Alabang Town Center, and Robinsons Metroeast. Visit for rates, promos, and other information.

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