Who We Found: Our New Spirit Animal

by dyan
February 22nd, 2013
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All hail the genius behind Awkward. Photo courtesy of MTV.

All hail the genius behind Awkward. Photo courtesy of MTV.

I’m a big fan of the witty show Awkward, and I’ve always thought the showrunner must be pretty cool. Lauren Iungerich’s article on self-expression published in Glamour (January 2013) confirms my hypothesis. Here are a couple of nuggets from the gold mine she wrote:

“Yes, our ‘inner awful’ can be really funny. But in truth, being original and being kind aren’t mutually exclusive.”

I’m guilty of being a major laitera once in a while—okay, more than once in a while. Even when I write, my inner awful’s there. I remember telling Macy a few weeks ago that I can’t be funny when I write about something I genuinely like, as opposed to something I can just bash and go crazy with. But I’ve recently found that I can; it’s just a matter of re-imagining things and giving my inner awful a timeout, just as I should IRL. Working on it!

“Sure, we should love ourselves. But do we really have to love everything about ourselves? As is? Right now? I call shenanigans.”

I’m sintunado and my hips do lie—and I don’t like those things about myself. They make me look stupid at karaoke parties (I’ve learned to stay away from those) and Just Dance showdowns (Um, I stick to 1D’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”) But I’ve been told I have great taste in music and I agree (#humblebrag), and I can flail-dance at concerts. So suck it. JK.

How do you express yourself? How do you keep it real? Who’s your spirit animal, old and new? :)


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One Response to “Who We Found: Our New Spirit Animal”

  1. jasdiane

    i find this series average good. :)That it keeps me wanting for more. :) Finished the 2 seasons in two days. love it. :)

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