I saw the sign!I like their outfits! Reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow et al. circa View From the Top (2003), one of the best movies ever.

Just so I won’t come off a hopeless nerd, I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to talk about other things apart from fashion in the Candy blog. Case in point: “What We’re Gonna Do: Guess What Movies are About”.

Alas, I haven’t been very good at fulfilling my aforementioned resolution. I’ve seen neither Life of Pi nor Les Misérables—which everyone kept calling “Les Mis” that at one point I thought it was really called “Les Mis”, like on the factual.

In any case, I decided to see Pitch Perfect the moment a sixth person raved to me about it. I guess I’m easily swayed by the masses comme ca.

Here’s a five-point review I’ve managed to jot down, proverbially, in my head:

1. My first thought, maybe about four seconds into the film: The Trebblemakers need to get better-fitting jeans.

2. Why is everyone “bored” with the Bellas’ rendition of “The Sign”. It’s the only cute thing in this movie!

3. Upon seeing the brunette in campus, the redhead nudges the blonde to invite the brunette to audition. The brunette wears eyeliner, five earrings, and a gray sleeveless cardigan with ruffles along the placket over a burgundy tank top with a lace-trim neckline. Immediately the blonde deems her “a little too alternative.” This is where I start to lose faith in the movie. Anyone truly “alternative” shall cower at the sight of ruffles and lace. (Or maybe that’s the point?)

4. The shower scene. The redhead says to the brunette, “You were singing ‘Titanium’, right?” The brunette responds, “You know David Guetta?”—as if David Guetta is some obscure, alternative person that people shouldn’t know about. Well.

5. One other good thing about the movie: the Trebblemakers’ rendition of Flo-Rida’s “Right Round”. That was nice. Long live Flo-Rida!

So. Pitch Perfect has a sucky love story and a random, extra subplot about the girl’s relationship with her father. But it has several nice covers of songs and some funny characters.

I remember enjoying some movies of a similar campus competition genre, like Bring it On (2000) and Drumline (2002).

Tell me about movies you like!


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3 Responses to “What We Will Say 5 Things About: Pitch Perfect”

  1. Regine

    I really love Pitch Perfect! I love the mash-up of Just a Dream and Just The Way You Are. Plus the riff-off scene! Part 2 please!

  2. jed

    @Regine– loved that too! :)

  3. marielle

    your. blog. is. awesome!!!

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