This month marks the beginning of a new (and hopefully long) relationship. Let me start off by saying that I’m the type of girl who believes in forever—the type who won’t give away an old ratty, stinky shirt because of the memories it has witnessed through the years. When it comes to gadgets, I feel exactly the same way. I hold on to a cell phone until the keyboard has literally collapsed from the pressure of my Mercury retrograde-charged fingers. To this day, I still have my first iPod Photo tucked away in one of my drawers. If it wasn’t for its unresponsive click wheel, I think know I would still be using it (which would surely illicit a snort of laughter from my more up-to-date techie friends).

Now that I’ve found a new gadget to call my own (it has been dubbed… the iPad Mimi. Haha!), I can’t wait to explore the world with it. I’m still waiting for the owl-dorable case I ordered online though, so its public appearance has been rare and few. (This is actually the first time I’ve taken it out!)
speck owl case

I love my new toy because of its sleek (black chrome, baby!), portable and fun nature (hello, countless games to play like Steph and Angel’s new obsession!). I also love dressing it up by finding wallpapers for it like this cool, vintage-looking Viewfinder illustration.

Most of all, I love it because it helps me stay connected with my sister (my fellow iPad mini buddy) through iMessage and Facetime. Koko even introduced me to this nifty photo stream that allows us to share pictures instantaneously. Brilliant!

I haven’t been able to explore all the features of this gadget yet, but I’m so excited about the endless possibilities…


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