One thing I get excited about when another year starts is getting a brand new planner and I’m pretty sure some of you can relate to this. With this comes the daunting yet fun task of picking which one to choose. In the recent years I somehow gravitated towards the more plain and generic but still very practical planners. It may sound funny talking about planners “in-depth” but I just absolutely love pens, papers, post-its, books, and whatever else you can find inside a bookstore since I was still a little girl. I may not be too good at crafting things and DIY projects but I sure do love them.

Anyways, getting back to my planner. This year I chose a very plain one with a Kraft board cover. I particularly liked how it resembled my outlook for the start of the years—somehow blank with not much expectations, just waiting to see whats to unfold. Although after seeing countless planners in fun prints and bright colors, I got a little bit jealous and actually thought of replacing my initial one.

I shared my little dilemma with Macy and thanks to her love for crafts, she suggested I decorate it instead and I immediately agreed! And thus begins my planner’s journey to a more colorful, crafty world…

7 (4)

First step: picking the washi tape (thanks for lending these Macy, Steph, and Sam!)

photo 1

Our Art Director Steph helped me out by designing the entire cover!


photo 2

The first few tapes we chose










photo 4

Almost there!










7 (3)

Voila! My brand new washi tape planner!









Thanks for the crafty help, Steph!

Thanks for the crafty help, Steph!










Couldn’t be happier with my planner! I now can’t wait to make tons and tons of plans for the upcoming year. Also, I will now always look at my 2013 planner and know that there is always room to change and improve.

Have a happy week, girls!



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2 Responses to “What We Crafted: My First Washi Tape Planner”

  1. macy

    Planner geeks unite!

  2. goldabidz

    Gorgeous planner!:D

    Just to share too, I did mine with scrap leatherette in pink and purple.:) –

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