Every month the Candy team holds a brainstorming meeting to discuss everything that will go into the magazine’s next issue. By “next issue” we mean the issue you’ll get your hands on three, four months from now.

It was maybe July or August when I pitched a jackets story for a fashion editorial. The idea was pretty straightforward: to come up with layered looks with a jacket component in time for chilly November.

After a period of market sourcing and booking the perfect team for the shoot, you can now see the result, starting at page 84 of the November issue!

As you might see from watching our BTS videos, a lot of things go into putting together a fashion editorial. It usually involves strategic planning, schedules to consider, constant decision-making, and days of nonstop fashion contemplation—so that everything comes together just right.

In thinking about this month’s fashion ed, I asked myself: How do we do a jacket story (a concept which is neither new nor complicated) in a way that’s fun and fresh? What are the key pieces and what is the vibe of the looks? What’s the story behind the girl?

It was then that the model off duty came to mind. Because a layered outfit has a tendency to look heavy and stuffy, maybe it’ll take a free spirit to pull it off with ease. Who better to take inspiration from than these laid-back ladies?

(Photos: WayneTippets.com, Altamira NYC) 

Just like in writing an essay, when the direction of the story is clear in my mind, all the other components are easier to string together.

Check out some of the looks!

Macy pointed out: Don’t the lizards on her collar remind you of the croc sunnies from the H&M x Anna dello Russo collab? (Photos: Adrian Dungo for CANDY, Style.com, H&M)

The skulls-and-roses bandana immediately caught my eye when I saw it in Landmark. The colors are great and there’s something humorous about the print. But what to do with it?

The night before the shoot I was in my room standing in front of a mirror, trying out different ways to wear it around my neck. Should it be rolled and knotted like a boy scout’s? Or folded in half, in a triangular shape, tied like a bib? A bow? Maybe a turban?

Past midnight, while listening to music by Philip Glass (Symphony no. 3, movement no. 4 a.k.a. soundtrack to the Louis Vuitton fall 2011 show), the fall 2009 collection came to mind—the bandana had already been severely wrinkled due to my many attempts at scarfing—and I remembered the bunny ears.

I woke up my sister (I had to literally drag her from the feet out of bed, the poor thing), asked her to put her hair up in a high bun, and I tried tying the bunny ears around it. And so the bunny was born! It was a nice cheeky touch to an otherwise cliche, Hell’s Angels-inspired biker getup.

The doctor’s duffel Linn’s carrying here is from Mango; the nonchalant bag-carrying pose is from Prada. Hah! (Photos: Adrian Dungo for CANDY, Grazia.it, Style.com)

When my girlfriend went bag shopping some weeks ago, I suggested she check out that exact one from Mango. It has a nice, classic shape. Reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Sofia bag, or maybe a sleek, modern reincarnation of the 1965 version of the Speedy commissioned by Audrey Hepburn.

The shorts from Topshop remind me of the vertical awning stripe trousers Taylor Tomasi Hill was rocking at Milan fashion week in January. Not too long after, vertical stripes became a hit Spring 2013 trend, seen from the runways of Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Jonathan Saunders, and others.

Our next brainstorming meeting is in a few days, and once again I’m on the lookout for inspiration. Where does yours come from? Tweet me @jedgcandy. ^_^


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3 Responses to “What We’re Always on the Lookout for: Inspiration”

  1. marla

    Loved reading this, Jed! More, please. :)

  2. jed

    thanks marla!! :)

  3. Sarah

    The bunny ears were one of my favorites in the latest ish and I was really amazed that even the way bags are carried capture your awesome fashion eyes :)I had so much fun reading this, Jed :)Looking forward to your next post!

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