Celebrating my birthday a few days early with friends I’ve had since I was in Kinder. With three kinds of cake, of course!

For as long as I can remember, my best memories have always been associated with food. Anticipating my parents’ return from business trips would mean boxes of Toffifee to be shared with my brothers. Tiny packets of Mickey Mouse candy from the sari-sari store reminds me of grade school days in Antipolo, when we’d spend recess running around our cluster. Kahlua Butter Cake and bottomless iced tea means four years of college to me. Breakfast food and coffee jelly on the 13th floor of a building brings me back to my first job, where I cried very hard, and learned a lot. The list goes on.

I suppose eating is quite important to me as well as the people I get to share the good food with. Last night, I had dinner with some of my very best friends (people I’ve known for more than two decades now). It was my first time to try Quina, a quaint restaurant in the neighborhood I grew up in. I had their signature pasta dish and beef salpicao that was buttery soft. We shared three kinds of cake and a a few stories in between.

Sharing good food with great friends! How I’ll remember my birthday this year. (:

What about you? What are some of the best memories you associate with food? Any restaurants you think I should try? Leave a comment! (:

Macy :cakeslice:

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