If there’s one thing I can’t live without everyday, aside from food, it would be music. I don’t go by a day without listening to at least a few tunes on my iPod and it sometimes leads to me fantasizing I had my very own soundtrack to my life, just like in the movies. I know, it may sound absurd but music is one of my top go-to’s whether I’m going crazy, feeling ecstatic, or when I’m a bit down.

This entire week has been quite interesting when it came to my music choices because for some reason, I found myself constantly obsessing over a different song every day of this past week. I only realized towards the end of the week that I was playing one song a day on heavy rotation. Check out the 5 different songs I was bobbing my head to all day, all week.








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2 Responses to “What We’ve Been Enjoying: Daily Song Obsessions”

  1. Ana Beatriz Quijano Barrios

    Music is my life. It makes me wanna live forever. :)

  2. patty

    are you david guetta-ing? you’re tempting me!

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