I have to admit that my biggest guilty pleasure this summer (aside from Justin Bieber’s new Boyfriend jam) has been the bright acid-colored hair trend.

From Dianna Agron to Kate Bosworth to Katy Perry, it seems like every single celeb has dipped (ha ha) their toe into the trend and to be honest I sat back radiating¬† envy every time I saw some starlet’s newly-acquired aqua or orange or purple locks.

Finally I decided to try it out by myself, aided with only a bottle of pink Hot Topic hairdye that my boyfriend bought for me, a peg of Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw, and a DIY can-do attitude.

Abbey Lee

The result: some super fun summer-worthy hair.

Would you guys ever give the dip-dye trend a try? :)


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9 Responses to “What We Experiment With: Dip-Dye Hair”

  1. Maui

    Nice. :)

  2. Dana Alulod

    Is this permanent?

  3. Lia Fermil

    I like the idea of dipping your hair into dye….. i guess it’s fun to do with this summer…. hahahaha

  4. Jereve Jade

    The pink ombre hair is so pretty. I wish I could try it, but my culinary course tells me I can’t…bummer..!

  5. Vhing Bayot

    I just dip dyed my hair pink last week! And it’s just perfect for this summer. :D I didn’t really have to go to the salon coz dip dying your hair is easy and it’ll cost less if you do it. haha :D

  6. Ana Renee

    what is the brand ?

  7. sam

    Thanks guys! :)

    Dana: Nope, it’s not permanent. It fades after many washes.

    Vhing: Yup, it’s super fun and easy to do on your own :)

    Ana: Raw Color in pink

  8. alex

    did you bleach before putting the pink dye? :-) nice hair btw! ^_^

  9. sam

    Yes I did! It won’t be as noticeable if you don’t lighten your hair first. And thanks so much :)

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