It’s been a ridiculously hot summer but, you guys, WINTER IS COMING. After months and months of waiting, Game of Thrones is back with 10 new episodes that I’m sure will be as TDF as the first season.

Angel and I are huge fans of the HBO medieval fantasy series, so we were beyond thrilled when we got an invite to the season 2 premiere, where the first episode was screened. But hold up, for the sweet summer children (read: newbies) reading this, hop on over to for a primer. Better yet, watch the entire first season!

I won’t recap ep 201 here—the Internet has recapped it to death—but I will tell you what to keep your eyes peeled for. (SPOILER ALERT!)

“You’re prettier than half my daughters” Jon Snow

Dany’s transformation from glorious Mother of Dragons to starving, frustrated Mother of Baby Dragons

Robb Stark, of course! All together now: Da King in da Noth!

The poison-guzzling priestess, Melisandre

Cersei and Littlefinger’s storytelling power struggle

Cersei slapping the heck out of her little tyrant son, Joffrey. We don’t condone violence but, man, this seriously messed up kid is just asking for it.


The heartbreaking infanticide sequence that ended with a three-second look at the missing Wolf and the Bull (read: Arya Stark and King Robert’s bastard Gendry a.k.a. my OTP)

Catch the season 2 premiere on HBO Asia tonight at 9 p.m. Photos courtesy of HBO Asia.

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