When he “Bring(s) It on Home to Me,” that is. I’m talking about his stellar—and I mean STELLAR—cover of Sam Cooke’s song at an intimate gathering in LA recently. It’s such a refreshing change from his usual pop covers on Glee and his one-man shows.

Watch the vid and see for yourself how he’s sooo into the song. Boy’s got soul. Lots of air drumming, shaking, and INTENSE pointing (think he learned some tips from Blaine’s big brother, Cooper?).

Darren tells Billboard, “If I do some kind of collection or an album, it will definitely be all over the place. I would like to have a little bit of folk, I’d like to have a little bit of rock n’ roll, I’d like to have a little bit of soul, in some kind of healthy way we’d put it into one palatable thing, not too crazy and not too hodgepodge.” Can’t wait!!!

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