1. You Facebook chat them and say, “IT’S BEEN DECIDED that we’re having a sleepover at your place tonight. Be there in 20 minutes,” and their only response is, “Okay!” (Note: We’re grown-up kids so we don’t have as much parental convincing to do.)
  2. You’re so honest with each other that you bicker over the most ridiculous things. Seriously, people have come to expect you to (lovingly) fight whenever the gang gets together. One time, there were pendants and bottle caps and tissue paper flying everywhere!
  3. You make absurd DJ names for them like Jeaniroquai and Hanskilletz, and they have no choice but to accept it.
  4. You flail with each other when your fave band skips your country on their tour. Or when they schedule a concert in another country a mere 1.5 weeks before you’re supposed to be there. (Hi, Foster the People, HAAAAAI!)

Merry Christmas to my gelays, Jean and Hannah! <3

P.S. We need a nicer pic together!

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