Who We Love: Jason Mraz

by macy
October 29th, 2011
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Dear Mr. A-Z,

I promise not to scream when you make your way out onstage tomorrow night. I promise not to sing along to every song you sing (even the ones I don’t know and will make up the words to). I promise not to cry when you tell us you’re glad to be back in Manila. I promise not to rave about your concert months after. I promise not to stalk you (haha!) if I find out which hotel you’re staying in. I promise I won’t tweet lines from your songs. I promise I’ll stop talking about you after the concert. I promise not to swoon.


Promises were totally meant to be broken in this case. I love you!!!

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6 Responses to “Who We Love: Jason Mraz”

  1. adele ann

    i love jason mraz…

  2. adele ann

    you and i both…

  3. mia

    have a blast tom night, macy!!! :)

  4. christine

    hi Macy! i was at the concert last night and actually recognized familiar faces from Candy. I was seated beside your group (Patron seat, L-14) =D

  5. macy

    Wow, that’s right beside our seats! :) You should’ve said hi. Wasn’t it an amazing concert?

  6. christine

    hi macy,i knew it was you! :) i’ve been a Candy reader for 10 years now (that explains why i recognized familiar faces last Sunday). I thought of saying hi but i was too shy! i’ll do that next time :) and YES it was an aMRAZing concert!!!

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