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I get giddy the moment September arrives because it only means one thing: a fresh batch of American TV shows are ready for viewing. WOOHOO! XD

I attack this subject the way a nerdy student would prepare for her first week in college. I come up with a calendar (so I know which shows debut that week) and do my research weeks before these shows air to find out which ones are hits (or misses) for TV critics. On the night of my “premiere” viewing, I shut the door to my room and watch the show intently (as if I’d take a pop quiz after!). Then, I text and critique the show with my equally critical friends/TV addicts.

Now that October has rolled in (OMG, two months ’til Christmas!), I’ve seen quite a number of new shows. Some are excessively hyped (Ringer, Charlie’s Angels), while others are truly undiscovered gems (Pan Am, anyone?). On the comedy front, here are three new 20-minute comedies I think you’ll enjoy watching:

New Girl

Stars: Zooey Deschanel, Jack Johnson, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone
Plot: A eccentric, 20-something teacher breaks up with her cheating boyfriend and moves into a pad with three complete strangers.
Highlights: Zoey singing impromptu ditties and the douche-y Schmidt finding excuses to take off his shirt (and showing off his ripped bod!)
Laugh Rating: 3/5
Catch it on ETC beginning October 7, Friday, at 7 pm!

2 Broke Girls

Stars: Kat Dennings (love, love, love her!), Beth Behrs
Plot: A NYC socialite loses her inheritance and ends up working in a Brooklyn diner with a cynical waitress/cupcake baker.
Highlights: Witty, LOL-inducing one-liners from the leads and funny moments with a beautiful horse named Chestnut
Laugh Rating: 5/5


Stars: Jane Levy (don’t you think she looks like Emma Stone?), Jeremy Sisto
Plot: A single father moves to the suburbs with her city-loving daughter due to a huge misunderstanding. (The show’s tone reminds me of movies Mean Girls and Juno—not a bad thing at all.)
Highlights: Jane’s insightful musings on the town’s “strange” inhabitants
Laugh Rating: 4/5

Aside from these three comedies, which new shows are you loving at the moment? Share them with us so we can watch them as well!

Mimi ;)

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3 Responses to “What We’re Watching: Funny TV Shows”

  1. Kessiah

    For now,I’m loving the new season of Star Movies “The Walking Dead” it’s a horror movie and it premieres October 17 @ 10:05 pm that’s why it’s more scary because its already night LOL

  2. mimi

    Oh! I think our October birthday girls Roch and Sam are big fans of that show. I haven’t had a chance to try it though it looks really gory. Haha!

  3. Angel

    Watch MTV’s Awkward!!! It’s also Juno-esque and the boy (Jake!) is such a cutie. I really think you guys will like it. Haha! :)

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