Hi, Candy Girls!

I still remember the very first time I walked into the Summit office. Back then, the editorial department’s area wasn’t as huge as it is today. I could take in the whole scene with one wide-eyed swivel of my head. I remember marveling at how I could sense the fast-paced nature of the publishing world just by standing there. It was exactly how I imagined being in a newsroom would be like—the excitement was practically palpable. Two office relocations and many years later, I still get a thrill whenever I step off at the 6th floor and walk into Summit headquarters. It’s because I consider it both a great blessing and honor to be surrounded by young and brilliant minds. Whenever I see how amazingly hardworking and talented my co-workers are (Candy editors included, of course!), I’m inspired to work even harder and be worthy of being in such good company. I never imagined I’d find myself working for a magazine, and I love how life has surprises like that.

And you know how surprises can brighten a day, a month, or even a lifetime? Well this week, the Candy team received a big surprise that’s sure to brighten our year. Every year, Summit’s big bosses hand out awards for editorial excellence to the company’s five best-performing magazines. Officially called the Golden Rocket Awards, we fondly call each award a Rocket. Last year, Candy was super proud to have been ranked at number two—second only to Yes! Magazine, which is practically a giant in the Philippine magazine industry with its incredible success story. And this year, guess what– Candy placed first!

It’s such an honor in my opinion to place anywhere within the top 5, because I honestly think Summit produces the best magazines in the country. But to place first… it’s mind-blowing. And it’s also proof of how well the entire Candy team (its editors, all the departments it collaborates with, and most importantly you—its readers!) works together. Thank you for an amazing year, and congratulations to us for being number one! :beautifuleyes:

Lots of Love,

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8 Responses to “What We Celebrated: Winning The Rocket!”

  1. Gia

    Congrats Candy! :)

  2. Mika

    Congratulations, Ms. Mia! Congratulations my beloved CANDY!!! :D

  3. Anagon

    You deserve it Candy Team! :) Congrats!!! :)

  4. Jesselle

    Congratulations, Ms. Mia and the Candy team! You guys are amazing! :)Candy girl forever! :)

  5. Mia

    Hi, Gia, Mika, Ana, and Jesselle! Thank you so much for the warm greetings. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I must admit you guys—every Candy Girl—serve as our inspiration :)

  6. Ayessa

    Congratulations, Candy! And congratulations to the rest of the editors. :) Cheers! <3

  7. Pia Dedace

    Congratulations, Candy! :)

  8. Mia

    Thanks, Pia and Ayessa! Miss you guys :)

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