On June 10, 2011, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a thanksgiving mass and a party with their close relatives and friends. Looking back on their love story and on their years together, here are a few things I learned about falling—and staying—in love.

1. It takes effort to make a relationship work. For a time, my mom studied in Holland while my dad worked in Manila. There was no Internet at the time and phone calls were expensive so they’d make an effort to write letters to each other. (Of course, my mom’s letters were always longer than my dad’s!)

2. Wherever your love goes, be willing to follow. After my mom graduated, my dad went to Holland—and that’s where they got married!

3. Share your passions and activities with each other. Traveling is one thing my mom and dad both love. They’ve been on countless trips together—and sometimes they take us kids along for the ride.

4. Support each other’s endeavors. While it’s great to have similar passions, it’s also good to have individual pursuits. I think it’s great how my dad supports my mom’s love for ballroom dancing, even if he doesn’t dance very often himself.

5. Always be patient.

6. Don’t scrimp on hugs, kisses, and holding hands.

7. Be with each other through thick and thin.

8. Pray together.

9. Know when to say sorry and when to forgive.

10. Share the love—because a love that lasts can serve as an inspiration to many!

I could list so many more things here but let me leave it at that for now. What have you learned about love from the people around you or from your own experiences? Feel free to add to this list!

Praying for a love that lasts,
Angel O:)

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