What We Use: Crack Polish

by mimi
June 12th, 2011
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What happens when you finally get two bottles of nail polish you’ve been anxiously waiting to buy for months?

Etude House Crack Nail Color in black and blue

You get crack crazy and let everyone else in the office try it. You use all kinds of color combinations, apply the base color, then have fun applying the crack polish which breaks into little pieces in just seconds. Ah-maaay-zing!

Posh Pink + Black Crack = Mimi’s Polish

Purple + Blue Crack = Dyan’s Polish

Dark Blue + Black Crack = Macy’s Polish
(reminds us of Mystique’s textured skin!)

Hot Pink + Black Crack = Marla’s Polish

Light Green + Black Crack = Roch’s Polish

As you can see, we are officially shatter-bugs. In just days, I’ve replaced my polish to try another rockin’ combo. Care to try our new obsession? I promise you it’s fun and easy to apply!

Mimi XD

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5 Responses to “What We Use: Crack Polish”

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  2. Huna Rallacsed

    Thanks candy for the awesome idea! Definitely will try it :)

  3. Ina Ronquillo

    Hey! I just wanna ask, where I can buy one? The crack nail polish. Thanks! :)

  4. Mimi

    Hi Ina! Etude House gave us these so they’re probably in stores already. From what I heard, Tony Moly will also release their own line. :)

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