What We Ate: In Japan

by sam
June 5th, 2011
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I went on a trip to Japan with my family earlier this year, and one of my fondest memories is of all the incredible food we had! I find myself drooling over these pictures sometimes, and I thought I’d share them with you guys :)

These mochi cakes (japanese rice cakes) were so beautifully made, it almost felt bad to eat them!

Tempura specialty restaurants serve their dishes with flavored salt (I tried both green tea and curry flavors)  and lemon rather than the traditional tempura sauce.

Soft-serve ice cream is common all over Japan. You can usually have them over sweet adzuki beans and mochi.

The Japanese seem to have a knack for creating amazing, french-inspired pastries with their own unique, Japanese twist. The result is food that is incredibly light and made with high-quality, locally-produced ingredients.

Matcha (green tea) milk tea w/black sugar syrup

A sakura (cherry blossom) flavoured donut

Sushi and deer at Nara, Japan.

For me one of the things that I love best about traveling is being able to try new and exciting foods from different cultures. I hope that you guys are just as adventurous whenever you travel! :)

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6 Responses to “What We Ate: In Japan”

  1. Gia

    The mochi cakes are adorable! Everything looks so delicious. I want to go Japan one day. :) The food there is amazing. :)

  2. Jenn

    They’re so beautiful! It’s almost like a sin to eat them.

  3. angel

    Wow everything looks so yummy!!!

  4. Kessiah

    They all look so tasty

  5. Yvan

    I just had dinner… And this post made me hungry again.. :D

  6. Mimi

    Sam, these all look so good!!!

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