Paper Promises

by mimi
January 28th, 2011
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I promised myself I would never buy books anymore. Because:
1) I don’t have that much space in our new place.
2) I feel guilty when I see all that paper lying around untouched.

But on the first week of the year (when resolutions are made and instantly broken), I caved into my book-hoarding addiction and bought three novels.

No Strings Attached by Mina Esguerra, Table for Two by Marla Miniano, and Paper Cuts by Pam Pastor

I think I’m allowed to break this promise because:
1) I just HAD TO buy these books to support my friends. Yes, I’m proud to say I know people who write books for a living. One of them even mentioned me in her “thank you” notes. Whoopee!!!
2) I’ve been a good girl last year and didn’t buy any reading materials. Okay, fine, I’m lying, but I only bought books when I: a) gave them to friends as presents (which gave me the sneaky opportunity to scan the books—haha!) or b) gave my friends’ children educational gifts (my inaanak loves the Thomas the Train 6-in-1 book so much that he apparently sleeps beside it!).

Tonight, the 3Ms (Marla, Macy, and I) are attending Pam’s book launch, and despite my recently packed schedule, I’m halfway through her collection of short stories. They’re wonderfully insightful and hilarious as hell! :) Problem is if I go inside National Book Store Glorietta 5, I just might do my wallet some more damage and get my other friend/ex-Candy editor/Sparkling EIC Chinggay Labrador’s book called Popped! But then again, aren’t some promises made to be broken? :P


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5 Responses to “Paper Promises”

  1. Angel

    Nice selections! I know what you mean. I have a ton of books at home that I bought ages ago and I haven’t read. I should really start reading more again this year. :)

  2. abigail

    uhm. i can relate to the reading part.. but i don’t really buy books for me to read.. i usually borrow them coz my allowance doesn’t allow me soo.. :) but… isn’t it really amazing to read more books? :D

  3. Mika

    Hi Ms. Mimi! I can totally relate! heehee. Anyway, I totally loved “Popped” by Chinggay Labrador and of course, Ms. Marla’s books!!! :D

  4. mimi

    That’s a great trick, Abigail!

    Mika, I haven’t read Chinggay’s book but I’m happy it’s out already! :)

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