Mia Loves Birthdays

by mia
December 7th, 2010
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If you want to have a happy birthday, surround yourself with all your favorite people (and pets!) all weekend long.

Friday night the Candy Team kicked off my birthday weekend with me by doing something simple that we all love—sharing a TV dinner while dissecting the latest eps and videos. Friends+Food=Good Time. The ice cream cake was just… well, the icing on the cake, hehe.

Saturday I had an all-day food-a-thon with my guy Patrick, and Sunday brunch we met up with my best friend Nash and her amazingly cute and talkative baby, Sara. Whoever first thought of brunch was a genius. :) I find it incredibly comforting to eat all sorts of breakfast food at weird times of the day. :)

Sunday night of course was reserved for dinner with the family and all our dogs. And just when I thought my birthday was over, my sis Celine (who lives in the US) sent over a ton of pretty things for me to go crazy over, including these vintage Barbie notecards. My good friend Mia Fausto Cruz (she used to be my boss and Candy EIC) also surprised me with what has to be the prettiest package ever. I loved how it matched my outfit that day!

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6 Responses to “Mia Loves Birthdays”

  1. Mika


  2. Jasmine Yongque

    Belated Happy Birthday! :) You really inspire all of us (candy girls) More power to you!

  3. mia

    mika and jasmine! Thanks so much for d super sweet greetings :) hope you’re having a lovely december :)

  4. Jesselle

    Belated Happy Birthday, Ms. Mia! :)

  5. Mia

    Jesselle! Thanks so much! How are you na? Miss you! :)

  6. Jesselle

    You’re welcome, Ms. Mia! I’m okay. Making the most of my super sembreak from grad school and hopefully find work soon. :) How about you? Miss you too!

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