Playing Dress Up

by mimi
October 29th, 2010
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Happy Halloween, Candy Girls!

I know some of you think you’re too old to wear costumes for the spookiest event of the year, but I beg to disagree! Deep inside, we’re all kids at heart. When you’re forced coerced to go around your village to trick or treat with your little siblings, why not dress up in something a little more inspired? I’ve got a few ideas for you!

1: Tron: Legacy
The Candy editors and I watched the 20-minute preview last night, and boy was it amazing! The glowing skintight costumes and state-of-the-art 3D effects made me wish I was living in The Grid too. To copy the look, wear your tightest all-black or white outfit and stick glowsticks in strategic parts of your body. (Be sure to catch this long-awaited sequel in December!)

2: The Craft
Get three of your friends, wear your uniforms, shorten the hems of your skirts, add a goth spin to it (smoky eyes, black boots, rosaries), and what do you get? The ’90s teen movie about a bunch of aspiring witches. After a bit of coercion, my friends agreed to copy this poster for our Halloween party this year! What do you guys think? Did we do it justice?

3: Harry Potter
Just in time for the showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1), you can wear something casual (Emma), something edgy (Tonks), or something scholarly (Cho). Just don’t forget the key ingredient—your wand!

4: Glee
Pick your favorite Glee gal and just wear the appropriate outfit. Then while you’re hopping from one house to the next, belt out a few tunes as a treat! Just make sure you sing in tune… or people might think you’re pulling a trick on them. HAHA!

5: The Vampire Diaries
I adore the period outfits Nina Dobrev gets to wear as the devious vampire, Katherine. TVD likes throwing parties (their next ep has a masquerade ball!), but my favorite theme so far was the ’50s-inspired dance. Their outfits—especially Caroline’s—were just so cute! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the Salvatore brothers look like hunky greasers.

Speaking of Harry Potter, Glee, and The Vampire Diaries, if you’re a fan of any of these global hits, then you should pick up a copy of our November 2011 issue featuring actors Emma Watson, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Matthew Morrison, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley on the cover!!! (Whoa, that was a lot.) It’s our jam-packed celebrities issue where you can get to choose your own favorite cover (don’t worry, the other covers are still in every issue!) and dive into the world of Hollywood. Let us know what you think of our newest issue, okay?

Watch this short video on how to change your November cover. ;)

Have a happy weekend, Candy Girls!

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3 Responses to “Playing Dress Up”

  1. sarah elizabeth elarco

    i love the trio-cover this month <3, more on the VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!

  2. sarah elizabeth elarco

    ..wish you’ll have dakota fanning as the cover, next time.

  3. mimi

    Glad you liked the covers, Sarah! :) Thanks for your suggestions as well.

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